i love my kids. have i told you i love my kids? i do. love my kids.

dani wanted to stay up last night, so we could talk. about nothing. we had a good chat. she misses the goodnight song i thought she had grown out of.

jake noticed i didn't feel good this morning, so he put his arm around my neck after prayers and told me he was going to come home and do all the chores, and even take care of Kacie, so i can just sleep and not worry about anything.

andy's been snuggling all day. he's sad. i don't want me to be dead, he says.
he'd miss me.

joey hasn't made a mess all morning. he gave me kajillion e-e-e hugs last night. and kissed my nose 4 times. my eyes twice. and my "keeks" at least a dozen.

kacie...she's all the baby i have left. i don't really want it to end.
she holds my neck so tight. never to let go, i hope.

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AndyPandyJackaDandy said...

Your kids are, of course, adorable, and your adept use of Picnik is becoming more and more inspiring. (If only my computer weren't so frustratingly slow!) Anyway, I think God knows exactly when to give us lovey days like that--so wonderfully cozy to capture on a blog and curl up with on not-so-lovey days! :)