i went shopping today

and i pretend bought myself a master bedroom, with crafting nook...

for bolts of fabric, i will pretend to buy tomorrow

i need a place to make stuff...and leave it out.

i'm not a believer in making your bedroom a workstation, but i suppose i'm willing to sacrifice.

i'm sure conan won't mind the hum of a sewing machine during the twilight hours of insomnia.

he's very understanding.


Anonymous said...

I love to pretend shop it is soooo FUN!!!

Yo Mama said...

Love that room. Will you pretend shop for me since you know my style better than I do.

Unknown said...

I NEVER do this..I have no idea what you are talking about, seriously..I guess LG will be happy that I haven't figured out this way to spend his hard earned money...blogging online costs him nothing...and if I ever learn to shop online (pretend or not) he's in trouble!

Seriously Cally, whenever I get some money, I am handing it over to you to decorate my house!

cally said...

you just look, ali. you never actually buy. find what you like, then find it cheaper somewhere where you can touch it. or just think about it. or do your laundry.