i know this is a little past valentines day, but we're dealing with flu season here.

Jake and Dani wanted to really personalize their valentines this year. Jake drew a picture of his class, and I copy & pasted the image and printed them on some cool paper.

I got this idea from Merrilee back in December, and have been waiting to try to recreate it for Conan. Andy and Joey helped me cut magazines all day...it was a messy treat.

Andy wanted to make one of his own for his dad, so i found a recycled canvas in the junk closet, drew some lines on it, gave him a paintbrush, & supervised. It turned out actually pretty awesome.


Unknown said...

WOW to Andy's painting...you have got to put that one up!

mer said...

so cool! I'm so glad you did the "I Love You" collage. I almost did but wound up with another word-themed painting. And Andy...check that kid out! Love the new blog, btw.

Lori said...

Dang...those make our Sponge Bob valentines seem pretty lame.

The Coatney's said...

ooohhhh. i love the collage. tell me more about it. brian's birthday is coming up. spare canvas? you are the best mom ever.