holy tee-shirt saver, batman.

 batman actually has nothing to do with this post.  Except for the fact that he and I have both saved the world, on separate occasions....

So there I was, minding my own business staring at myself in the mirror when I saw them.  The infamous, diabolical tee shirt holes.  Many many many shirts in my closet have these pesky holes, I'm used to them.  But today, TODAY they have violated my all time favorite nyc comfy tee shirt!  It's gone too far.

Exhibit A:
 2 holy shirt saver 1 holy shirt saver

The weapon of mass destruction:
3 holy shirt saver
the button.

Every time that button rubs against my shirt, a hole appears.  Standing at the counter, wearing my seatbelt, holding (other peoples) kids...all things that simply can't be avoided.

DRAT that blasted button!

So I took all that pent up negative energy from the sock episode, which is still festering, and I schemed up a plan to save the world from the holes.  Or at least my clothes,  I'm happy just saving my clothes.

I call it, the Holy Tee-Shirt Saver:
5 holy shirt saver

I've been wearing it for a week now, and I do believe justice has been served.

Here, I'll show you how...
6 holy shirt saver
  • Measure the length from the OUTSIDE of your two belt loops, and add 2 inches.
  • Cut 3 strips of fabric the length you just measured by 2 inches.  Cut one strip out of your print (use just white cotton if you have lightweight see-through shirts), one strip out of muslin, and one strip out of a cotton jersey.  The jersey is what really keeps the button from rubbing through, don't skip it.   Ok fine, you can, but you're asking for it.
  • Cut off a small square of sew-on velcro and cut it in half, to make small strips.
7 holy shirt saver
  • Now layer your 3 fabric strips as shown below:
8 holy shirt saver
  • Sew around the edge of your fabric strips, leaving a 2 inch opening on one side.  
  • Trim the corners.
9 holy shirt saver
  • Turn your Shirt Saver inside out so the print is on the top and the muslin on the bottom.  Press your seams with an iron so it's nice and flat.  Don't sew that opening closed yet!
10 holy shirt saver
  • Turn it over and lay the soft velcro strips on the very edge of the strap.  Then lay the pokey strips 2 inches in from the edge.  Tack them down with a little bit of fabric glue.  Or pin them in place.
11 holy shirt saver
  • Sew your strips down only on the sides, leaving the very edge un-sewn.  You'll do that later.
12 holy shirt saver
  • Once all the strips are sewn on, sew all the way around the edge of the Shirt Saver, making sure to catch the edge of your velcro.
13 holy shirt saver 14 holy shirt saver
  • Attach it by just wrapping those velcro edges around your belt loops, and laugh an evil laugh because you just mastered all that evil button power.
15 holy shirt saver
  • Pat yourself on the back for a job well done.
16 holy shirt saver

Eat breakfast.
Take the kids to school. 
wage war.
Save the world...check.

done for the day.


corrie said...

K, 'sexy boot'. Send your sister one of those.
I HATE t-shirt holes.
They are evil.

ShEiLa said...

I am glad to hear that someone has the energy to save the world.

Great idea Miss Cally!!!


wendy said...

you are a genius.......and your "check list" is pretty awesome too.
way to go !!!!!!!!!!!

Yo Mama said...

I need one of these so bad!! Put it in your etsy shop.

Jennifer Dawn said...

I am loving those socks...not only do they have you blogging, but now you are sewing! Yay! You are back! :)

This is such a genius idea!

Anonymous said...

this really is PURE GENIUS!!! one day, you will be known the world over as the solver of this pesky problem, and people like me, will say your name in a hushed tone forever more! thank you! :o) (says corrin, from England!)

Donna said...

Your hair is loooong! I love it!

chris said...

Yeah, I get annoyed by those holes too. Thank you for a clever solution.

Unknown said...

OH my goodness. That happens to ALL of my shirts and it drives me bananas. I'd 100% buy then if they were in your etsy shop. Maybe I'll go look now..

Love the blog!

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