I got an email a while ago asking if I was interested in some clothes from
Tea Collection.
Uh...yes please and Thankyou.
I can't tell you how much I love these clothes. They're affordable (clearance section) and they are such good quality!  Much softer than our typical Target purchases.  My new very favorite place for children's clothing.  I feel like a fashion goob for not knowing anything about them before. 
But here is what I love most about our Tea clothes:
These are Joey's French Terry Cargo shorts (they have pants, too) for $14.50.  He wore them every day until it got cold, and now they wait on the stairs for him to get home and change into his "most awesome shorts called tea", as they have been rightfully dubbed.
Usually Joey's "bottoms" only last a month or so until we have holes in the bum and the knees (due to the obvious ninja lifestyle he leads), but these babies are going strong!!  
And they've kept their color and softness after being washed 50 ga-million times.
Seriously.  ga-million.  
We love them.  We need more.
And we need to convince Joey to start standing on his feet. maybe.


joolee said...

ditto to this post! i ADORE Tea Collection....i'd love to buy EVERY dress for my girls! and the boys' tees and pants are fabulous. they've been my fave go-to for kids' clothing!

Lori said...

Those look great--and I'm sold on anything that doesn't instantly get all holey all over the place.

ShEiLa said...

i like them!

thanks for the share Miss Cally!


nbarnes2 said...

so honestly, before i read your post i was looking at their clothes (particularly the dress) and thinking "that cally sews such amazing and original things" so cute. i mean what you make and evidently what you buy. :)

Jani said...

OMG those striped leggings are adorable!!


wendy said...

love these photos of your kids

mandi said...

I discovered Tea when my Moonpie was a baby. LOVE them! Oh how I wish they'd email me and ask me to have some clothes!!!
Your little models are so cute. So. Cute!

mandy said...

Koa has some Tea clothes. He's out grown most of them but they still looked almost new even when they got too small. You used to be able to find it locally at the white balloon on kingston pike but it's been forever since I've been in there.