"Where the whooey are my hair bands?"

"What the?  Why are these...murmur murmur...
stuck around the...murmur murmur..."

"Wha huh?...."

Apparently there's a secret Barbie Underground.


Unknown said...

O.k. so my Cally loving place in my heart just breathed a sigh of relief. I have missed you! Glad you aren't dead under a JohnDeere tractor somewhere off of Tazewell.

Funny i posted a picture of a bathroom and a barbie today too. I think you planted those barbies just so you could be cool like me. LOL

I love the pollypocket sitting on the compact. Your kids are so creative, just like you.

I will NEVER attempt a Mario hat, but if I need one (which is highly unlikely) I will just send you some money to make one.

Have you thought about marketing those for next year's Halloween on etsy? Boys everywhere would be so happy.

You need to get on pinterest. It's all the rage. And amazing. I think I will start pinning your stuff just to get you more hits and then maybe you'll take this blogging thing a little bit more serious.

Love you and miss you Cally.

ShEiLa said...

Tehehehehehe *Ü*


Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

I love how the one Barbie is high kicking! lol

wendy said...

that's funny

mandi said...

Whoa! Pole dancin' Barbie!
Why did my brain think that? I am a bad person!

Crystal Copeland said...

With moves like that, no wonder it's a "secret" underground.

Jim Thomson said...

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