joey and kacie.

Joey started kindergarten today. He's ecstatic. I'm happy for him.
Kacie's miserable.

She misses her best friend.

She told me today while shopping at Sam's Club,
"Mom, you're nice. But this would be a lot better with Joey."
Then she cried because she knew Joey would want an ice cream.

When we came home she decided to watch Power Rangers for her quiet time.
She hates Power Rangers, but Joey loves it.

When the carpool dropped Joey off, Kacie was first to the door.
They got themselves a bowl of ice cream
and held hands as they went to finish her quiet time.
Watching his show.


In one year Kacie will be in school, too.
and it all changes.

I'm ready.
But I don't think I'm ready.

I love how they love eachother.


Unknown said...

I feel like Kacie. Lost without my buddies. I was so happy that you posted today. You are always my first read.

I remember when I was left with just Bella home. It was so hard when she didn't have anyone to play with.

So excited for you to be free in a year. WOW! That's huge.

ShEiLa said...

That is so very tender... Joey and Kacie riding Sandy... together. Oh and pretty much everything else.


chris said...

Tug at my heart! So wonderful that they love each other so well.

Yo Mama said...

You have come full circle!!! I think that you should try and relive the days when dani was the only child. Monster scrap booking, Oprah and pink blankets, showering with other people's babies. Errr, wait a minute. Anyhow. Wow. I can't believe it.

Gingercake said...

sweet story. what a thoughtful girl you have. my daughter was the same when her big sister went. My son, the youngest, seems unaffected and enjoying the time to himself. Kids are different for sure!

AndyPandyJackaDandy said...

Oh man--this is what we are dealing with right now too. Only Brody is the middle kid--he doesn't see Mac as a friend yet, "just a baby." So he asks about 10 times a day when Taj is coming home. I am counting down the hours until he can be in preschool and ocused on other things, but I do love that they love each other. I can't believe Kacie even watched Power Rangers though!

mandi said...

Oh man. This is so sweet!

ps- Yo Mama's comment about showering with other people's babies. I remember that post! HAHA!

pps- did you ever find a recipe for laundry detergent? where you wanting a liquid or a powder?

Lori said...

They are too sweet. I have a toothache.
P.S. Kacie: come be Afton's new best friend, she's having some withdrawals too.

wendy said...

We are NEVER ready
It is darling how they have bonded

and hey, your friend AndyPandy.....We used to blog back and forth, and she left a comment on my blog recently
but she doesn't seem to have one anymore....DOES SHE??
anyway....tell her hello for me and I think she is darling....ok

Kay said...

Those are the moments that make it all worth while.