this blog has been officially swallowed by summer.


with only two weeks left, I'm giving in.
I will no longer pretend I'm going to blog about our days.
Summer wins.
see ya in a few.


Yo Mama said...

Is that Dani!!! She looks so old. It made me cry a little! I've been gone so long. This makes me feels like life is slipping through my finger tips!

A Busy Nest said...

Cute photos Cally. I have been loading summer photos also. It was fun being swallowed at swimming with you this summer. :) - Jennifer

mandi said...

As it should! Here's to soaking in the last weeks of summer friendy!

AndyPandyJackaDandy said...

Ditto. I keep thinking I should just skip to NOW and post, but I can't bear to not post about our other fun stuff! What's a girl to do?!

PS--I randomly met someone at a park nowhere near me who knew Regina, Saskatchewan...because she went to school with someone from there...theater chick...Cassie! Small world. Made me miss you. One day, let's see each other in person.

Gingercake said...

Ha- this is totally what my summer looks like too :) I wish I could capture it as well as you!

Margit said...

this is so cute - great pictures

Creative Tai

wendy said...

Sweet Cally...and that is how life should be
swallowed by summer
fun, sun, family,

blogging can wait
children can't...as they age and moments pass oh so quickly