I sewed!!


Joey wanted to buy his friend Sarah some Polly Pockets for her birthday. "Sure, but they have small pieces and they always end up all over the house." I said. To which he replied, "you can just make her a bag!"

grin. lightbulb. "Why yes, yes I can."

So this apron started out as a simple Polly Pocket Organizer Handbag, but the idea transformed. I thought about how Kacie tries to stuff all her "little things" into her pockets, and carries a huge bag on her shoulder all day so she has her special stuff with her ALL the time. And I thought, how convenient that would be to have a cute apron to wear all day every day with a special compartment for special stuff, and an extra pocket for other treasures. She can wear it outside in the dirt and fill her pockets with acorns or dandelions, or in the kitchen with mom, or on a playdate...and all her Polly Pockets are right where they should be. In her pocket!

It felt good to sew.


ShEiLa said...
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ShEiLa said...

I think you had a fabulous idea. I love it! I love Polly Pockets too... they are big at my house. My girls had them (mostly Yvette)and now my grand-girls play with them. (they were smaller then... I can put about 20 of them in an old Rx bottle) Madison is in heaven playing with them every time she comes to Grammy's.

Combining the bag/apron is genius. My grand-girls love their aprons too.


Jennifer Dawn said...

Oh and I always love when you do sew because your things are always so beautiful. This is adorable.

corrie said...

That is great! Way to sew!

chris said...


mandi said...

Oh Cally- it looks great! I especially like that secret zipper pocket!