I'd like to live in a barn.

{Virginia Creeper Bike Trail, Spring Break 2011}

Not this exact barn, of course. A girl would like to stand up straight while tweezing in her master bath...no-can-do in this little shed.

But we're going with the vibe of the rustic barn, not literal. The open space, inside and out. The golden ground, the blue skies that wrap around you. Rope swings. Hay bails. Provident living. calloused hands. Quilts and rocking chairs. Shelling peas. Things as they really are.

I'm kinda bored with sidewalks and cement.
I need a barn.

And a potty trained Old Yeller dog.


ShEiLa said...

I think I could live in a barn too... I remember growing up my Dad would say... shut the door where were you raised in a barn? Seeing your post made me think of that statement and I loved that you would like to stand up straight inside your barn.

I did have friends that actually fashioned the home they built after an old red barn... it was magical.

Nice dream Cally!


Unknown said...

Ooh... Yes. A barn or a cabin. And throw in a horse or two. And a chicken coop, and a clothesline, and fruit trees, and a little creek with a rustic bridge... I dunno how you could landscape that... But how do you know me so well??

Hope your dreams come true!

mandi said...


Here's to big dreams. And making them come true!

wendy said...

Kinda sounds like my place.....only lousy weather.
NOT warm enough
Why do we always want what we don't have.
I kinda been longing for a Mall, fancy resturant, and.....a sidewalk

Amber said...

If you wanted to borrow some of my kids for a few days, you'd feel as if you were living in a barn! Works for me! ;)

mindy said...

on road trips growing up...we would always go back and forth between siblings saying- THATS YOUR HOUSE! every time we would see sometthing like this :) fun memmories! i would love to live somewhere like that...so calm