Mates of State.

They're my favorite right now.

This song chorus is going on a pillow:
Everything's going to get lighter, even if it never gets better...
{without the visual of the sad bear and the dynamite. Poor, sad, destructive bear. Poor, unfortunate woodland creatures.}

Thank you for sharing, Candace.
Her husband makes us (meaning you and me...us) an awesome mix each month. You didn't even know he was doing that for you, did you? now you know. you're welcome.


Candace said...

Thanks for the shout out.

Are your kids loving them as much as you? My kids are just as big of fans. :)

wendy said...

I can't watch the video...as our HIGH SPEED is actually very Low High speed. Just takes forever.
but I like the saying....
things will get lighter even if they don't get better.
I'll settle for Lighter about now