I got a manicure today. And a pedicure. I don't usually "icure" anything. My sister and I went to get groceries and stopped off at the nail place because her nails always look so good and mine...don't. So I sat in the big chair with my feet in blue water and the guy pushes a button and says as he walks away, "if you don't like the buttocks, just push the buttocks button."

uh, huh?

I looked at my sister with a "seriously?" face, showing gratitude for the treat and contempt for uncomfortable primping rituals in the same nose crinkle. And as she laughed at me with some serious satisfaction, knowing what was coming (and finding it quite hilarious), the chair started shaking, making my guts vibrate with those giant rollers rolling around, "massaging" my back, shoulders, and...whoa mamma...I pushed that button. off.

thank you very much.

Side story: Kacie climbs into bed with us some mornings and warms up her cold feet by tucking them under my legs. One morning she said, "Mom, your legs are spicy!"

She meant prickly. I hadn't shaved for a while. no judgements necessary.

So, I got a pedicure with very spicy legs today.

And although it was a bit awkward and I saw the lady's eyebrows raise at the amount of calous on my heels as she shaved them with a giant cheese grater...my nails on both ends look lovely.

a nice way to end a good year.


Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

That is a great way to start the new year...well maybe not the *spicy* lol

Danielle Spangler said...

I am sure you will love to hear this, but it you have thick callouses (is that a word?) on your heels/feet it is a variation of athletes feet. Lovely huh. My mother-in-law was so NICE to point it out to me when she saw my feet. She had recently went, for other reasons, to see the podiatrist, and the MD was only interested in her "athletes" feet that she didn't know she had! Lovely, just lovely! PS: You need to write a book...I would LOVE to read it:)

ShEiLa said...

It is a rare occasion that I 'icure' anything. But 'one day' in October and November and December I have been spoiled by having my daughter pamper me with painted toes.

I do love the massage chairs... and I too have been caught with unshaved legs so no judgement given.

Also... I am getting a new sewing machine for my b.day. I am sure is not a spendiferous as yours... but hey I don't have your talent either. But I can't wait to let the projects begin.


A Busy Nest said...

Ha, I would be uncomfortable too. I have never had either and now I don't want to feel my bum jiggle either. -Jennifer

cally said...

uh, huh? athlete's foot? great.

Here's to our athletic feet, Danielle!


AndyPandyJackaDandy said...

I love "icures" but don't get them nearly often enough to ward off the "athlete's foot." I'm pretty sure the polish that is hanging on to my toes at this moment is a remnant of relaxation about 3 months ago. And I always think I should enjoy the massage chairs a heckuva lot more than I ever really do.

Emma said...

AHHH good for you, Your spicy legs thank you!!!!

mandi said...

Oh Cally- this is why we are friends. I knew we had some sort of cosmic connection. The spicy legs, the awkwardness in the salon...

soul mates.

: )

wendy said...

That was hysterical. You need to TREAT yourself more often. You certainly deserve all the "icures" you can get.
I love the buttocks massager thingy!!! (tee,hee)
I love pedicures (but don't do manicures cause my nails are always breaking)
I love massages, facials....and all things primpy.

But when I go....I MAKE SURE I don't have spicy legs.

Elizabeth said...

I just love you! That's all. =)