black out.





ShEiLa said...

At least it looks like you were semi-prepared or I wouldn't have been able to see any light at all.
;) Thank heavens for Mothers that are prepared and with a camera that doesn't have dead batteries.


Anna said...

too cute!

corrie said...

Great pictures! I love all the kids in the bed.
Black outs are fun if they don't last too long.
And noone is puking.


chris said...

There's nothing like a black out to humble me a bit. I love electricity! Your babes look darling all snug in your bed. Way to make it fun.

wendy said...

Oh no....where's my flashlight...and truffles, incase we get a blackout.
The bed photo is awesome.

Have a wonderful, glorious Christmas.

mandi said...

OH! Don't you just love when they're all cuddled up in the same bed?!?

Merry Christmas, friend!

Anonymous said...


I'm new to your site, and I got lost while exploring it. I had to stop when I got to the bag "thing" that interfered with your priorities of watching Lost with the 75% off chocolates.

I gotta get back to my life. Sure enjoyed yours. Thanks for the inpsiration. I'll be back.