I've been thinking about home.

My home is here, where I sit and type.
where my children sleep.
But home is there, too. that barn in Canada,
where I've never lived but spent each summer of my life.

I like to breath the air there.

home is where I love the most.
Home is my family.
Where I'm loved the most.

and there.

It's where I've been.
Where I'll be again
with Conan and our children, forever.
and ever.
The place I don't remember, but I know.

Where I can rest.

My cousin passed away last week.
It's been a long thinking week. about him. about home.
about family. time. the important stuff.

We spent a lot of days at that barn.

I love my family. It's hard not to be with them now.
Not that there's anything I could do for them
to make it stop.
but it's hard to be

it helps to know,
Matt's home.

and I'm pretty sure he likes the air there.


chris said...

Not sure what to say. Having someone you love leave this life is never easy. Thank you for expressing your feelings so well.

corrie said...

You have such a gentle way with words. I'm glad you wrote this. It's hard to put feelings like this into words. You did it well. And echoed my week.

love you.
And our family out west.

so much.

Lori said...

You think and share things so beautifully.

ShEiLa said...

Your words made me feel better... as I am missing my Mother. Thanks!


TheFamousStacie said...

So sorry to hear that. I lost my cousin who was just my age a couple of years ago.

We had barn in Iowa we spent the summers playing in.

Forts made of hay in the loft.

Searching for horse shoes.

Dad said...

Oh, Cally, how you made me cry. That is such a beautiful thing you wrote. I am so glad that your Father blessed Jackee and I by sending us you to help through mortality (although I have no idea what you could possibly have done wrong in the pre-existence to deserve your mom and I). You have a great way with words; thank you for sharing your heart.

Emma said...

Crying, so beautiful Cally...

The air must be great!!!!

Love you thank you for all your support.

wendy said...

Thank you for that......it was beautiful.


mandi said...

I'm sorry for your loss, Cally.

This post is so, so sweet. I'm so glad you have a place like that barn that is just brimming with good, strong memories for you.

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