10 minute pajama pants tutorial


Remember way back to Halloween?...Joey needed some last minute ghost pants, but I didn't have any white material I was willing to use so I improvised. I grabbed one of his pajama tee-shirts and used those. It was so easy and so quick because I didn't have to hem anything or fold over the waist or finish any seams. It's my new favorite. I've been cutting up my huge pile of goodwill shirts all month.

Here's how:







Cut a piece of thick elastic an inch or two less than the measurement of your child's waist.
Kacie's waist is 21", so I cut the elastic 20". This way her pants don't fall down. phew.



done! That took 8 minutes and 23 seconds. awesome.


Now make this one:




Now sew elastic around the top the same way you did for the pants.

And you have an awesome skirt in 10 minutes.




ShEiLa said...

This is so cool Cally. Once again I am impressed. I love that it is re-purposed/recylcled too.


Leah said...

Awesome. Will make some for sure. Thanks heaps.

Alice Wills Gold said...

WOW. Now that is what you call re-purposing with some style. I might try because I am so impressed.

amy said...

These are both great, thanks so much for sharing! Happy Thanksgiving!

Victoria Hutt said...

I've been doing some similar pants (I love when my husband decides some t-shirts can go!), but for some reason hadn't even thought of the skirt. And the flowers, I had seen you use them before but I had no idea they were so simple! I also just noticed the note at the bottom of your blog, I love it.

Teresa Johnson said...

Wow...SO Awesome! In fact your sewing projects are so awesome, that I'm asking for a sewing machine for Christmas. So excited!

Crystal Copeland said...

I wish my brain worked like yours.

mandi said...

so so cute!

kiddlebug said...

This is great!!! I'm going to post link this to my blog.

I will definitely have to try this one out.

Anonymous said...

Thank YOu! AMAZING! ...off to make some of those pants! -sp

Heather said...

Love it! My kind of sewing -impatient people who don't want to worry about patterns or fabric stores ;)

Brooke said...

just found your blog and am loving it. this post is awesome! So is the black out and your New Year's list and so on. Love it all. xo

Jessie said...

This is so awesome!! It is so easy and I can do it with clothes that are to small. It's called Reuse :)

Elli Scrivner said...

Love, love, love this idea! I made a couple pairs today, and the kiddos love them! I linked to your post on my own blog - http://scrivnerburg.blogspot.com/2013/05/its-pants-season.html

Stacy of KSW said...

this is pretty much genius, thanks!

Emilia Nichols said...

My 8 year old is asking for old clothes to "up-do". She has no idea she's getting her first sewing machine for xmas. I'm going to share these ideas with her and I bet we'll all have skirts n pajamas to last for years. SEWWW simple! Thanks for sharing.