this is my house. It's for sale.
Which is why I'm not much of a blogger lately.
Because I'm wiping and sweeping and wiping my guts out
to keep it clean so when the people come over
to walk and talk around my house
they'll say,
what a nice house.
I think I'll buy it.


this is us. at Cloudland Canyon.
Because my Brother in law invited us
to go camping there
and then told Conan about the triathalon
down the road;
and so he participated. willingly.
And did very well.
And Kacie pulled the fire alarm
in the "lodge" we were staying in
{we were fake camping}
and I had to go ask the head camper guy
if they could turn it off
and he laughed at me.

and this is Talking Carl.
he's family.

ps. I read a book today.
It was exhausting.


Jessica @ One Shiny Star said...

Are you guys moving far? Hope your house gets sold soon. I have a friend who's house has been on the market for over two years... but she lives in Pennsylvania. Good luck!

Unknown said...

Maybe Carl could call your realtor and tell him to up his game? I loved that all your kids pile up all around Conan like my kids do to LG. Let me guess: that was right before FHE?

I love your house. I would buy it.

I am glad you read a book, instead of cleaning all day. I would much rather exhaust myself reading than cleaning.

WOW for Conan and the triathlon. I would love to do one of those, but I would have to run, ride a bike, and swim and I can't do any of those three very well. You're married to a stud muffin.

chris said...

What a lovely home. Good luck. Selling is so hard...and crazy...and not fun. Any chance your moving out west?

mandi said...

Where are you guys going? Yellow house? In the country?

Your yard looks great! Did you run your feet across it to make it look like you mowed in straight rows (remember- the vacuuming post?) ??? haha!!!

hang in there mama.

Yo Mama said...

I liked Meatball best.

the mama monster said...

your house is lovely! and the falls where you took your family hike is so pretty. i need to take my kids hiking but i'm afraid they will wimp out half way. they are still pretty little. carl= so funny!

wendy said...

I love your house....but the whole selling thing is such a stressful time eh.
I bet you are excited to get building on the new one though.
are we going to see you this summer??

ShEiLa said...

There must be a good reason for moving... it's a beautiful house.

I even brought my hubby in for a close up look.

I hope the sale goes smoothly and that you let us in on more details.
Like where are you going???


L. OL. said...

where are you moving? are you finally building at the "compound" ;o)

mindy said...

your house in INCREDIBLE. i wish i could afford it. :)
you & your family are cute.

i'm with you on the camping thing- i like the "non-camping" camping :)

cally said...

We're building on the land, guys. WooHoo! We've got to sell this house, rent a house, build a house, and then we're official land livers. It's 7 minutes down the road, not far, and not west. Sorry guys.

I hope the house will be yellow, but i have to convince Conan.

And yes WEndy, we'll see you this summer, unless the house sells. Then we've got to stick around.

Emma said...

When when when are you coming to Canada???? Oh I hope that I'm there!!!! Miss you!

julie said...

i'm crossing my fingers for you! It looks great!

julie said...

my fingers are crossed! it looks great!

corrie said...

I about barfed when you came back from asking the guy to turn off the alarm at the lodge and you told me it was a 500$ fee for the fire department to come out and reset it.

We need to go back to the canyon. The only picture of my family with everyone looking and sort of smiling shows my belly pooch! Next time tell me to suck it in!

Good luck on your house. The yard looks awesome. Awesome, I say.

AndyPandyJackaDandy said...

I have some hazy recollection of you moving in the not too distant past...Was that a false alarm and never really happened? Anyway, your house has great curb appeal and all your painting inside is gonna pay off! Good luck, lady!