for all that's good and lovely, that's a big doughnut!


this, my friends, is a doughnut.

It's the size of
all the world's
hopes and dreams
cooked and drizzled up
into one giant
heavenly treat
of all things delicious.
A never ending
ring of stress numbing

it will kill you.
but I dream about it at night.

{ps. my brother in law bought it for Conan from Lamar's Doughnuts
when Conan couldn't come to Alabama with us last week.
Conan divided it up between our family of 7. blasphemy. but generous.}


Unknown said...

i say, "hey you guys come and check out this big doughnut that conan got to eat.

abigail says, "no way."

sophia says, "no fair."

lg jumps up from the kitchen table to see.

bella says, "i don't care, i don't even like doughnuts."

ShEiLa said...

Holy sugar rush batman.

I have been wanted a doughnut lately... I have been wanting just about everything yummy that I should not be eating.


corrie said...

Booyah! That's what I'm talking about.
Awesome picture.

Emma said...

And what a great dad.... sharing and caring!!!

mandi said...

well- that is one generous daddy!

AndyPandyJackaDandy said...


mindy said...

one word: yum