lost forever, I guess.

{sugar cookies made and consumed for the festivities}

It's over. Done. They're dead.

It's taken me a couple days to process, but I think I'm okay to talk about it now.

so, hmmmm. Apparently the island is insignificant and they were trying to tell us to stop looking too hard at the silly details that meant nothing and focus on the relationships. It's about who we take with us. lovely. I loved the show; I loved that they did a fantastic job with what they had, which was nada. They had no answers for us and they never did. They sat in their big offices and giggled at us. They're smart, rich people. I'm certain if they tried to answer everything we'd laugh at them, so they gave us what they could...which was nice.

I've tried for two days to figure out the timelines and when they died and how this and who that and huh? But I'm letting go. I'm moving on. I'm sittin' in the church pew, leaving the island for good. Open the doors Christian...I'm done.

I've made my peace and have said my official goodbye to a sweet chapter of Tuesday date nights with Conan eating pistachios, speculating, scrutinizing, calling him in the middle of the day with a good theory. goodbye sweet Aaron idea that never came to be...goodbye.

Here's to questions and theories and nameless Brothers! Here's to the big cork in ocean that protects all that's good and lovely and confusing! Here's to smoke and ashes, to horses and polar bears, to fate and logic! Hoorah!!

Let us all embrace the non-sensical past and look to the future...let us finally accept that our island explanation will forever live with how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop...

the world may never know.

the end.


Unknown said...

Exactly how I feel and best synopsis I've read. Thank you.

chris said...


Wonder Woman said...

I don't like that the writers were so unclear. Here's what I think:

Jack died. The other people who died (Sayid, Locke, Sun & Jin, etc.), died. If you didn't see them die, they're alive. (Kate, Sawyer, Hurley, etc.)

Everything was real, except the flash sideways. The flash sideways was the "place they created to find each other" and "help" each other remember. (Everything was about "helping" in the finale.) The flash sideways is where they go after they die to remember that they died.

You have to think of time the way we believe God does. It's not linear. "There is no *now* here." Once we die, time is different. We were basically following Jack, and since Jack died, we saw the place. Some had died by the time he did, but others were still alive when he died. We saw them because time is different. And it's not like they had to wait for everybody to die before they could all move on. But time is different there.

In the flash sideways, everyone had to work out their issues and what was most important to them. Jack had a son to resolve his own issues with his father. The most important thing to Kate (and Claire) was Aaron, and being a mother. Sun & Jin: their child. Desmond, Hurley, Charlie: love. Locke: moving on from his father and getting over those issues. Ben supposedly still had issues to work out, possibly regarding Alex and Danielle.

The only thing this doesn't really explain is the wreckage of Oceanic 815 during the credits. I think it's just a throwback to The Pilot. Remembering how it all started. It's not a perfect explanation, but it's the only one I have.

Dharma was real. Time traveling was real. Jacob, Smokie.......it was all real. I wish they would've explained more, though.

Wonder Woman said...

Some of my questions: What about Claire being the only one who could raise Aaron? Why did the island cause people to miscarry? Why was Walt psychic? How did Jacob find candidates? And a billion others I can't remember right now.

Gabby Malcuit said...

It was a great show. The ending wasn't what I expected, but it was just right.

christina said...

Well spoken.

I've heard that the man in black's name is Samuel. Not that it matters. :)


Kari said...

Sorry it didn't satisfy your curiosity. I still had many questions as well, but I enjoyed it completely. And cried.

It took some head wrapping, but I'm with Wonder Woman on the time line. At the time Jack dies, everyone we've see die is dead, and others will go on to live. That's how it should be. (I would have liked some flashes to Hurley and Ben bashing around the island for another 500 years, or if Sawyer found his daughter, or if Kate helped Claire raise Aaron, or, most importantly, what did Richard do? He's hundreds of years beyond his time.)

Christian said that they created this place to find each other. I think that happened with the bomb blast that killed Juliet. (And that's what she meant when she said, "it worked." As in, I've found you--we are together in this place.) They split time/heaven/whatever and created a slot where they (those saving the island) could meet, regardless of when they died, and remember. (Which might explain why not everyone was there at the end--not everyone was ready to understand and remember just yet. Isn't that what they said about Anna Lucia? She wasn't ready. Maybe Charlotte and Faraday aren't ready either. And Whidmore and Eloise are just enjoying throwing parties in dead-land. Ben has stuff to work out--he's the only one who actually killed his loved ones (Alex by not stepping up and Danielle who he might love now) so he needs to hang out a little longer with dead Alex and dead Danielle to see if they have a future in the afterlife.)

We were following Jack. They were all gathering and remembering while he was finishing out. I think that's why it took him so long--he kept getting flashes, but he would back up before he saw his whole alter life play out to his death.

The island was real. It's magical. Not all it's mysteries will ever be revealed. It holds the light that lights the world. It's pretty important. This story was about this one particular time in the history of the special island that one guy, named Jack, died saving the island. And all the tangents involved in telling that story deeply. (Others, Dharma, Whidmore--just supporting plots, things that happened in the history of the island that impacted Jack's story.)

The credits were strange. For now, I'm choosing to ignore that they were there.

It makes me wish that I had another 120 hours to kill just watching it all and figuring out the tangents. I think they're all there and the depth and complexity of the other stories is real, but there isn't enough time to tell them all. This was Jack's story. But I'd love to see some of the other stories told in fullness.

Kari said...

Sorry. Not that I see it published, it's more of a novel than a comment.

I'll miss these LOST synopsis of yours, Miss Cally. Thanks for keeping me plugged in.

corrie said...

Good farewell.

I loved it all, even though sometime during almost every episode I'd murmur, "I hate this show". I didn't.
I loved Claire and Charlie's 'remembering' and Jin and Sun's. It was awesome. I'm fine and understand that there probably aren't good enough answers to satisfy all my confusions and curiosities.
That's okay.
Sometimes it's good to be a little lost.

Lindsey Rose said...

I have been waiting for this post. I could talk about it for hours. Your right it is time to let go! Thanks

Renee said...

I loved the final episode, and while many questions weren't answered, I don't care because, it's not real.

I loved the "remembering", I loved that a few people escaped the island, I loved that Ben finally had to come to terms with his past and actually felt genuine remorse, I loved that he and Hurley spent who knows how long together protecting the island, I love that Jack died and was finally put out of his misery, I love that Sawyer and Juliette ended up finding each other, etc etc etc... and you know what, I loved the final scene with the wreckage. Why wouldn't it be there still, alone for years and years. Almost all the people are gone and I thought it was the perfect way to end things, with a reminder of how it all started. They'd gotten so far off topic by season 3 even, it was nice to come full circle again.

I love this show, but am glad it's over.

Unknown said...

Just reading this post is giving me a nervous breakdown.

Let go. Be lost.

No thanks.

Yo Mama said...

I'm mad. I don't really feel resolution or even a coherent thought. Although I did enjoy the remembering and I did cry, I'm still disappointed. I think that they pulled a fast one on me.

Emili said...

I have quite a few mixed feelings too! Although I loved your post Cally, and your take.

I wish they had taken more time to give us answers. I loved how it ended (well, kinda) I just wish that they had explained a little more. I'd still like to think they had explanations for those questions, they just ran out of time to tell them.

I mostly liked how it ended, but I was thinking they would somehow merge those realities and I was a little disappointed when they didn't. But I thought it was fairly bold to dive into the "life after death" ending with the way our world is right now, good for them.

I'm just so torn. And I hate still having that "lost" feeling pull at me!

Rose said...

i have a problem with watching the finale of any show. (i also don't do funerals) in my simple mind i missed the end and it continues! and by the way my dad (in my mind) is still on a small trip 3 yrs later. lost people are still on the island and things are good. the cosby's are fine also but the parents are retired and living in florida. and the cast of mash decided to stay in korea. i guess i am just not so deep.

Laurie T said...

Yep you summed it up. I was excited for the ending and trying to put the answers together, now so much for buying the whole kit and kaboodle of seasons when it comes out. I was planing on saving my $$ for that, but now I'll find something else. Because in the end...nothing was answered and it really doesn't matter, they were all dead!

I and numb! I guess I'll get comfortable...

I am LoW said...

I'm so glad I never tried to figure it out and just went with it. :)

mandi said...

fingers in my ears
i'm not listening

i just started with season ONE last night. now i'm re-thinking my decision.

Autumn Jones said...

I did find all the unanswered questions quite frustrating but I'm glad it's over. My husband and I have bought all the seasons up till now and will probably buy the 6th as well. Mostly because "Ben" has stated that they did indeed film some of Hurley and Ben in charge of the island and I definitely want to see that. (supposed to be coming out with the 6th season).

Robin said...

Rarely am I sad to not have discovered a blog earlier, but after reading a few of your Lost reviews I wish I'd found this one a year ago. Ah well. A little late now. Still, I've enjoyed reading them this far after the fact. You pretty well sum up what I thought as well.