almost the end...

since it's Friday night and oh so close the end of my alter life, I wanted to take this moment to thank all of you for validating my Dharma dreams and allowing me to speculate and re-cap the island and all of its complexities, and to let you know I thought Danielle was smashingly beautiful as she flirted with the evil one.

I'd like to call this my last Lost post, but let's face facts. Two hours of Lost loveliness will most certainly produce a post show commentary. I mean really.

All right. So Whidmore's dead, weird. Whatever Desmond is doing in the alter world is what's going to save the island, or kill Smokie. somehow. I squealed and clapped when he walked into that jail. Yowza. And Jack's ex-wife is Juliet and Sawyer's going to see her at the concert and they'll fall in love again and everyone will remember and Daniel will do something amazingly genius as he plays his piano because that will make for a real good scene...Faraday on the piano as the camera slow-pans over all the Losties with flashes of the island and their relationships and all that good stuff that makes a good show.

Ben's fooling Smokie. Smokie told him he could have the island to himself, but then he told him he was going to destroy it. He's a lier, and Ben is mad at him. But we all know he's a tricky one, eh? They had to get rid of Whidmore somehow so they used Ben and played the Alex card.
Maybe Rose and Bernard got Desmond out of the well? Are they just living a life of island ignorance, or are they watching all of this and plotting something? Maybe they found the light source. Do they know about the alter world like Desmond? i dunno.

And that's all. Since there are no more opportunities to speculate and theorize, I am going to sit back, enjoy my weekend, and anticipate the end of an era.

I'm not watching it until Monday, so I will be avoiding all forms of media and I won't answer the phone until Tuesday. So don't call me.

Let's hope for monologues.

sniff. I'm not going to cry.


Tong said...

My boyfriend is a huge Lost fan too and he makes me watch every episode with him every week. One of his friends is also a huge fan, and while they were out having their boys night this week, the friend made a really good point... some seasons ago, when we learned that Whidmore used to be leader of the Others on the island and he got exiled, it was mentioned that, somehow, Ben could never kill Whidmore (like Jacob and Brother). So, it's completely feasible that Ben shot Whidmore on purpose before the monster could actually kill him!! Just something to ponder about until Sunday...

Kristen said...

"And Jack's ex-wife is Juliet and Sawyer's going to see her at the concert and they'll fall in love again"


Okay so I originally came over to your blog because someone had linked you for tote tutorials (which I am using to make a bag for my mom). And I keep coming back every week for your thoughts on Lost.

And I want you to know I will be back even after Lost is over. :)

christina said...

I don't believe widmore's dead. I really think he and ben are in cahoots to get rid of smokey.

[is that how you spell cahoots?]

guess so.


cally said...

ooh, ooh, tong. You're right. They were in the hotel room and they both said how much they'd like to kill eachother but they know they can't. But why? So maybe Ben was actually saving him. and richard's still alive, too, duh. good stuff.

corrie said...

Didn't Saiyed (I tried 20 different ways to spell his name. Don't feel like googling it right now.) Didn't S. let Des. out of the well?

And good thought on Ben and Widmore. But I think Ben wants to kill Penny too, right?

I still can't keep up. My brain is too slow.

Renee said...

I love it!!! and I think I agree with your predictions. I haven't seen the finale yet either, so good luck to the both of us. I'm feeling sad as well.

This is my favorite show ever, even more than the Golden Girls.

AshleyAnn said...

Can't believe it is over...still trying to make sense of it all. Not thrilled about the ending. Ugh.