mmm, maple.

Make a butter pecan cake mix
and add two drops of maple flavoring
to your vanilla icing.
I'm still mad Krispy Kreme disbanded the maple.
I'm all about maple.
I've had two for breakfast.

{I'm still trying to clear my head from last night. I feel all anxious with details. He's going to use Richard's body to get into the temple. The temple, huh? I've got to relax and let Sawyer grieve. but what's going on, really.}


Christina said...

last night's episode was scary!!! all the whispering... so exciting.

ugh. i love/hate that show.

corrie said...

No wonder you're throwing up at the gym if you're eating cupcakes for breakfast. Dude.
K- so I might be jealous...actually I AM jealous. No might about it.

ShEiLa said...

A local Las Vegas News anchor/reporter said this morning that when she was a kid she watched the morning news and a reporter back then encouraged people to eat dessert for breakfast... saying its the best time of the day to eat dessert.

Have another cupcake Miss Cally.


ps. They sure look yummy.

Renee said...

It was awesome, just awesome!

the mama monster said...

poor poor sawyer. i love him. and poor juliette.
people were thinking that jacob was resurrected in sayid's body somehow?
i loved the whole temple. master karate kid wanna be was a little lame, but HOLY COW i can't even wrap my little brain around everything.

the mama monster said...

oooh and maple cupcakes for breakfast? yum! the best breakfast ever is the old school lunch style peanut butter bars!

Beeswax said...

Maple is genius.

Why ARE maple bars going out of vogue? THey are the best donuts in the world (unless I'm in the mood for an apple friter. Or a chocolate old fashioned.)

cally said...

Jacob is Said's body?! That makes sense, you know. He was so serious about saving him.

Oh, I love this show.

Kari said...

Of course, Sayid is the resurrected Jacob. If the devil can do it with John, the surely Jacob can do it with Sayid.
And now we know how "the other others" fixed Ben.
But how did you know John was the smoke before last night? And is it gunfire that sets it off?
And what's with the alternate reality playing out? Can Sawyer find love with the alternate reality Juliet? Or is she on the ocean floor with the alternate reality island?
My, oh, my--I want to know it all and keep it alive all at the same time . . .

cally said...

Kari...remember when Ben went to be "judged" by the island, and the smoke monster came out and stared at his face, and then his daughter appeared behind him? Locke wasn't there, and then he reappeared after the smoke was gone. That was my first clue. And the smoke stared at John's face earlier and knew he could use him because he was weak, etc. And Christian {smoke monster} was the one who helped Locke get off the island, and took Claire who I think was the one who broke the ash circle or something like that. I think he can change whenever he wants and use anyone's body he wants. He totally killed Ecko because he was "godly".

Do you guys think Aaron has a big part in this? He's got to. Maybe the smoke guy is going to use him to get to civilization; which is why he used Christian to get Claire to leave him so Kate would take him back. I think we'll see Charlie's ring on someone soon...the one he left in Aaron's crib. He's got to be a big deal because if Claire doesn't raise him there will be disaster for mankind, so says the psychic.

Lindsey Rose said...

MMM cupcakes look great, and I love to read all your info on the show, I was ttally hating anf loving the show as well! What in the world! Just more questions!! I am so glad it is the last season so maybe everything will be solved!

mandi said...

i love maple too. i especially love it in my oatmeal- but i bet it would be really tasty in a cupcake too!

Beth said...

AHHH Cally! I am so with you on this one. But along with all of this bizzare-o stuff-why was DESMOND on the plane? And why didn't it show him getting off? And why wasn't Shannon on the plane as well? So sad about Juliet-and the "it worked"?? What about Miles looking at Sayid all weird in the temple? Is it b/c he knows he is going to be Jacob? I am a little over the whole Kate/Sawyer/Jack thing, maybe I am just over Kate. I liked Juliet-ugh! and the drama continues....

Emma said...

mmmmm maple. Only you could eat this for breakfast and stay skinny!!!

cally said...

Okay Beth, the Desmond thing, I have no idea. I forgot about that one. Maybe since the bomb worked and they're all stuck in both places (???) that Desmond somehow got zapped back. Whatever, I don't know. And Shannon wasn't on the plane because everything is just different; they basically re-wrote time. Maybe. I DON"T KNOW!! It kills me.

When Miles was looking wierd at Sayid's body I thought "he can't hear him." So Sayid was never really dead, maybe. I'm not 100% sold that Sayid is Jacob, because he woke up confused, wondering where he was. Hmmm.

It's a long time till next Tuesday.

Donna said...

I was reading on the theories online. They are saying no one else saw Des but Jack. Remember when he left Rose was like we were asleep. And how can he just walk off a plane in mid air.

What you see now, on the plane is what is how the ending is playing out.Maybe? Jack goes to the mirror in the bathroom with a scratch on his neck. From "the final battle" (remember Jacob said they are coming?) I think Jack is the only one who remembers what happened.(thats what they think online)

We're going to see some major carnage going on with this armegeddon like battle between good and evil.

"This is why Smokie wants to "Go Home" Smokie is trapped on the island and realizes the island is a prison, he wants to get back into the parallel universe but cannot due so without breaking his chains. The true others who are connected with the island know that death is a way to "go home" and that is why they do not hesitate to kill anyone on the island.

This goes along with the temple, a connection to both sides, the "healing spring" doesnt actually heal the person, but brings in the person from the Parallel time, this person is generally the same, but is from the parallel time where people are without innocence, and do things different than people in the time we are seeing" (from the boards)

Alot of people say Sayid is not Jacob. But I dunno. Maybe Jacob is going to get Aaron back on the Island, and he is the new "Jacob" since he was born on the island and innocent and such. I dunno. My head is going to explode.

Pedaling said...

your blog is delightful!

DMcT said...

Calico: Okay. I'll do it. I'll buy the cake mix and make a batch of these while my Sweetheart is off substitute teaching. Mmmm-mm-m-m-mmm. (Although it is a sin if I do so. I may have to rethink this.)

Alissa Nicolau said...

I love maple too! Did ya know that Dunkin Donuts does a maple?? Not all carry them, you have to ask. They are sooo yummy! Back to your blog... I gotta get caught up while the twins are sleeping!