And Rose knows something. She's a smart suspicious cookie.

In honor of tonight's festivities, let's have a recap:

Okay. So Jacob's dead. Ben killed him because Locke, or really the smoke monster {who is really the other guy on the beach with Jacob who couldn't kill Jacob even though he wanted to real bad so he made Ben do it because Ben's a goob} told him to. And now he wants to kill Richard. Who's a pirate that doesn't die and wears eyeliner.

We know Jacob was the keeper of the island & went to land and touched each of the survivors during their life somehow (gave Sawyer a pen, etc} that led them to the island. Or something. And Richard has files on all of them. I dunno.

We know Juilet was pulled into the magnet hole and detonated the atomic bomb because Farraday told them it would reverse time and she could go back to being a Fertility Doctor. We still don't know why no one can have babies on the island. But we do know James is real sad, 'cause he luv her. And Farraday's dead because he got shot when he was telling his mom he was from the future, and got real sad before he died because his mom sent him to the island even though she knew he'd get shot. She's tricky.

And his girlfriend who's in the coma that Penny's dad is paying for is somehow stuck in between times, maybe, and she's going to show up somehow on the island. I think.

And Desmond & Penny are sailing back to the island, why? to fulfill their destiny, duh.
And Charlie will make a comeback.

And Jack's name is on a magic list in a big temple with people who want to kill Saied with a spear. And Ben sees Lockes dead body on the beach, but wait, he's in there with dead Jacob, but no he's not, he's laying here dead on the beach. I've been duped! Is what he says. here.

So this is what we know.

Some people are under a big foot on the beach with dead Locke, people with guns, and a smoke monster.

Some people are in the 7o's with an atomic bomb and sad Sawyer.

A mean mom is under a church with a pendulum.

And Claire is incognito. {I think Christian, aka smoke monster, lured her to the cabin to break the ash chain and let him out. something like that.}

Oh, and Walt. Wud up with that?

It keeps me up at night.

I'm going to be occupied with these thoughts for the next 6 weeks or so.


Renee said...


Wonder Woman said...

Couldn't figure this out. I thought you were relating a story from your boys' imaginations.....then saw "Jack" and finally got unconfused.

I wish I had watched Lost from the beginning.

corrie said...


Melanie said...

Love your synopsis! I don't think I've ever been so excited about a TV show.

Donna said...

Wait, Christian is the smoke monster!?! What is the ash chain?

Lori said...

We watched last season's finale last night and spent the whole first half going, "Oh YEAH! I fogot about all that stuff! Oh yeeeeaah, the bomb..." Me can't wait.

cally said...

Uh...Donna! Dead is dead, remember? Christian died and the smoke monster took his body, which is how he was appearing to Locke telling him how to get back to land, etc.

And that's how the smoke monster is Locke, because his body is on the island.

And remember the people with guns who came on the plane with everyone and knew Jacob, when they found the cabin and freaked out because the ash circle around it was broken and went inside and said "he's gone."

So many things to stress out about.

Ive had a horrible day waiting for this. It feels like when the show ends at 10:00 and I sit there with my mouth open and pondering how in the world I can just go to bed after something like this! The Insanity!!!

Donna said...

I totally missed that! Who was the smoke monster before? Like when Ecko and everyone else saw it? AHH!Thats why I need you to fill in teh gaps my brain can't put together! It was creepy last episode when there were two Lockes. I might have to sleep with the lights on tonight!

Yo Mama said...

seriously, thanks! I missed half of last season and was a little squirmy because I was not up to speed for tonight's big deal.

wendy said...

Oh dear, I quit watching LOST some time ago.
so I was lost --ha ha ha ha I am so funny.

anyway, on another completely unrelated note, love the picture above the piano.
no one would be lost if they lived by that one simple premise

mandi said...

i watched, like, the first 5 episodes of lost. i think i need to netflix them. because it sounds crazy intriguing and i like that.

Jennifer Dawn said...

No pun intended, but I just get more and more "LOST." Answers...smanswers...I just keep getting more questions and not answers.

Don't you love it!?

Big fan here too!

the mama monster said...

could not sleep last night. i was so tired but i jumped right on the lost forums to see what others were thinking. i know huge nerd. love your run down!

the mama monster said...

sorry for all the comments but isn't the actor who plays locke the bomb? when he was mean smokey looking at richard he gave me chills. then at the airport talking to jack.... so nice and i felt bad for hating him last year. ahhh lost.

juliannarichman@blogspot.com said...

I heart LOST.

Sarahie said...

I have been putting off reading your blog for a couple of weeks because I saw this post and didn't want to spoil anything because I hadn't watched it yet. Now, I've watched it and I'm all caught up (until tomorrow when I'll be behind again) and I'm so excited! And also, have I mentioned I think we could be good friends?

Mad in Crafts said...

I just found your blog but I feel like I need to share this LOST trivia tidbit with you:

According to Entertainment Weekly, the guy who plays Richard doesn't wear guyliner. Those are his real lashes.


Off to peruse more of your blog.