the winner.


I love Jeigh.
{email me}

Thanks for all your
very nice comments!
So many cool people out there.

I love giveaways.

And now...
Labor Day.

Have a good one.


ShEiLa said...

congrats to Jeigh.
lucky you!


Emma said...

Callie come back to us we miss you!!!!

Sarahie said...

Yay Jeigh! I love her too!

Have a nice vacation, Callie!

Unknown said...

I came over to see the final comment count. Of course I didn't win...all I did was promote your blog for you. :) I would do that without a giveaway and you know it.

I didn't stand a chance. It's a good thing I already have a diaper strap; that's really the only thing I HAD to have.

Donna said...

Dang, I had my fingers crossed. Oh well, at least you gave us all those fab tuts. so we can make it ourselves.

Kathy said...

Lucky ducky!

I'm totally going to make a diaper strap. It will be maxing out my sewing potential, but I'm gonna give it a shot!