i'm sick and need some therapy, and typing is soothing. the click of the keys, the speed. I feel powerful. I've always been a really fast typer; i finished my highschool keyboarding class in two weeks because my teacher noticed i was a fast typer and so she gave me a packet of tests and i finished them, so she gave me a new packet of advanced keyboarding tests, and I finished it. So she let me eat snacks in the back of the room and type whatever i wanted for the rest of the semester. So i love to type. fast. my mom used to pay me to type out her papers for her classes. my mom is really smart.

so i'm typing fast about not much because i like it. I've been thinking about Winnie Draper lately. YOu know, Winnie. Fred Savages girlfriend in the show I watched all the time and can't remember the name of even though it's painfully obvious, because i can't remember ANYTHING anymore. {I totally used my pinky on the shift key the whole time I typed ANYTHING. There. I did it again}. I don't remember simple embarrassing things, like my age. I think I'm 32 but I'd have to do the math. I was thinking that I really think {what's his name} was unfair to Becky. The blonde girl he "dated" for a while. Poor Becky. Winnie was over-rated I think. No time for links if you're lost. I'm typing fast.

I haven't seen Twilight yet. does that make me a poor representative of the mom bloggers?

I'm sick today. YOu've got to make a decision when you get sick. {I mean real sick, not just sick and tired. There's a difference} Do you put on makeup and hope it makes the guck go away because you're pretending to ignore it...or do you give in, take the drugs, put on the zit cream and watch design shows all day.

I have no recomendations. I've got a big zit on my chin and therefore needed covergirl so as to not cry over adult acne every time i passed a mirror. And I watched two episodes of Dear Genevivie {no time to fix typos. fast}. make up and HGTV, and I still feel sick.

I like to type in the dark. I feel like a hacker.

I think I need to do this again and time myself. Bummer. Is there a WPM tester out there? Oooh, I love that. I"m googling.

Wonder YEar.S


Crystal Copeland said...

Sorry you are sick! Are you pregnant?!?!?! J/k, that would be mean.

I like to type fast too. It's liberating, isn't it?

Hope you feel better soon. :)

corrie said...

I know there was a reason I could never get around to calling you today. You needed the rest.
Get better soon.
love love

ShEiLa said...

I am glad you are doing something that provides relaxation... I loved the Wonder Years... I knew exactly what you were talking about.

Get Better!


AndyPandyJackaDandy said...

I always had a problem with the name "Winnie." How can you say that in a romantic way and not get the giggles? I much prefer her real name, Danica. Which was one of my front-runners if I had had a girl. (Missed that train.) And I would have called her Dani. Because DAni is a cute girl name, wouldn't you agree? Much cuter than Winnie.

cally said...

much cuter, i do agree.

mandi said...

when sick and in doubt, always opt for lying around watching design shows.

i'm pretty sure any dr. would say the same thing.

Christina said...

I don't like to brag but...

They called me Magic Fingers in high school computer class.

p.s. this was hilarious. feel better soon.

Emma said...

Yuck mom's aren't supposed to get sick it's a rule or something!!!!!

I am LoW said...

haha!! That was cute!

My ma tried to get me to take typing in school and argued, "no way, why? I'll never be a secretary!" little did she know blogs would come about and that would be my typing lessons. See, I was right. :)

Hope you found the WPM tests. They are out there! :)

cupcake studio said...

Oh man...I LOVED Wonder Years! What a nice memory. Hope you feel lots better!

Sarahie said...

Oh! I have so many comments for you. =) I love to type too. Until now, I thought that I was the only person out there who used typing as a soother. It's what I do at the end of a long day to relax. I didn't take formal typing classes until college and I was already pretty fast by then. Now, it's part of my job.

Also, I (pinky-shift)LOVED Wonder Years. I haven't seen Twilight (I read the first book and then quickly lost interest). I think I'm 32 also. And try out typingtest.com!

I hope you feel better!

trublubyu said...

i'm smiling. thanks.

Britt said...

ah the wonder years. and it's winnie COOPER, isn't it? you see, my memory only retains completely useless facts. all the things i absolutely need to remember are flying in the wind somewhere.

Unknown said...

I think I will try typing in the dark sometime and see if I can hack into something good.

The show...."The Wonder Years"....does that mean that my memory is better than yours? he he And seriously, I knew the answer before reading that other commenter...just so you know.

hey, do you want to put that typing to good use and become LG's new assistant...I will so trade you and watch all of your kids all day every day.