I wanna go back to NY.

Real bad.
'Cause I'm real hungry. And I wanna make a new big bag.
And I love Elmo.
And I'm tired.


ShEiLa said...

I remember your trip and your big bag... not Elmo though. I hope you get to return... but not when you are tired.


Crystal Copeland said...

What's up with the first pic? Why are there cupcakes sitting on the sidewalk? I can picture it now......you running up and snatching one, and running off to a corner to eat it. haha.

mandi said...

i'm sorry, but were people throwing cupcakes at those lovely ladies in pink?

i want to go back to ny too...for me it's been 15 years.

cally said...

Okay. The cupcake ladies.

We tried to go to that famous bakery I can't remember the name of because I'm a dork, and the line was so horribly long we sat in the park across the street and watched everyone walk out with cupcakes.

Then this line of tap-dancing pink crazies tapped their way across the street in a straight line holding a cupcake up above their heads, and landed in the park. They stood there, and music started, and they proceeded to perform a good 30 minutes of ode to the cupcake. A mix of tap, modern, rockettes kinda thing. One lady was incredibly pregnant, and one lady was a hairy guy. In the same high-heels and skimpy pink dress.

Then they bowed and danced their cupcakes down the street.

I love NY.

Sharstin said...

I also need some more NYC..and Soon!!

Kay said...

Wow, I have been thinking the same thing! I have fallen in love with the city. When do you want to book a flight? I can taste rice pudding, Max Brenner Chocolate, Serendipity's frozen hot chocolate, Crumbs cupcakes...need I go on?

Donna said...

Come Cally! I can take you the The City Quilter where they have buttons galore...I know I can tempt you with buttons..
Was it Magnolia bakery? On Bleeker st.? The line is always ridiculously long, and they are known for their cupcakes.

corrie said...

It was Magnolia Bakery, wasn't it. Right close to Miracle Grill where JD and I had those awesome blue cornmeal pancakes.
Yea, I want to go back again too. And see a show. And shop at the GAP. just kidding. maybe. No, I'm kidding. sorta.

Emma said...

Well just do it!!!

cally said...

Yup, Magnolia Bakery. That's the one. I am tempted to say it's over-rated, but I can't because I never ate a cupcake. I just watched them dance.

And Emma, I would love to up and go but there are two things stopping me. Money, and money. I'll be accepting donations.

OH Donna! The garment district. I think I'll croak on the floor if I ever get to drape fabric over a mood dressform.

Small House said...

I'd just like to go to New York. Your pictures are great! No wonder you look forward to returning.

Imene said...

I love going to Purl Soho. I went a lot this summer, the boys stayed with their father at a nearby park where they would play water games. And with the baby on my back I tried to be reasonable...very hard!!!