i'm here. I'm only mostly dead.
This poor blog has been a little neglected. Sorry.

We are slowly on the up and up as far as the germ infestation goes, we hope. It's been brutal. We dropped like flies, one after the other. Conan is luckily the only one who has escaped the infiltration with mere sniffles.

I've been in the dumps. Sick and confined to home; not feeling like cooking, or cleaning, or concentrating. The sewing machine sounded like a jack-hammer in my head, so not even a finished project to show for it. No inspiration, no ambition, nothing to report. Big, fat, bummer. It was the dumps.

You know the place, where you just feel...well...dumpy, for no justifiable reason. Just tired, and dumpy. Focusing on the fails and not forcing any wins. And then you feel even dumpier because it's no fair for the kids to have a mom who's a dump. It gets ya down.

The good thing about the dumps is you have to come out of them. Climbing out of the trenches isn't ever clean, or convenient, no matter how deep they are. But it's a good workout.
And you make side-dishes again.

I'm grateful this has been a very shallow trench. It's a lot easier to see others when you're looking, rather than just staring at your own hands and feet trying to get out of your own lame-o hole. Actually, once you look around a bit and see someone elses dump, your ditch isn't really so bad anymore. And then you feel silly. And grateful. And compassion.

And you get out. Then you can see how you got down there in the first place. I'm pretty sure I was pushed. By selfishness. And flu season.

So no finishes of the un-finished to report. But progress was made. It was good.

I'm grateful for the dumps.

Push on, dumpy soldier. Wipe yourself off, and march.
With a much stronger step.
And cheesy analogies.


ShEiLa said...

Smart girl digging shallow trenches... I get into a mood like this and dig myself to China. ;)

Pitty Parties... oh my.

I loved the post.

Sorry about the sickness inflitrating your home. Not fun!

Love the Cutsie Header.


Nana/Mom said...

one step at a time, just keep moving forward.

sorry about the sickies-ick-Patsi

Natalie said...

I've been in my deepest dump ever. Feeling better now.
Was told in a blessing to serve others to help myself heal.
I need to find someone in need.
Can I help you, dear friend?
Love you, Cally.

mandi said...

oh cally! that is the worst! i mean, what's worse than being sick? being sick AND being a mommy. i know that feeling. the guilt that comes along with it, as if the flu weren't bad enough!

i am so glad you're feeling better. i've missed seeing you here!

and can i just take this moment to remind you what an AWESOME mom you are!?! danni's typewriter, messy party, pajama day, donuts for A's, ruffles, quiver t-shirts...need i continue the list?

get on up, take a shower, and then head over to my blog. i answered your question about oil...just, don't give me the flu...ok?

Emma said...

Ya I missed you.

SO happy your feeling better, the picture of the girls is cute!!

Love you.

Crystal Copeland said...

Uh. I am grateful for this post. I really thought I was the only person that ever got into these situations. We had the flu about a week ago and I was definitely in the dumps. I felt completely inadequate as a mother and wife, which dug the trench deeper. Thank for making me see that I am not the only one, and I am normal!

Donna said...

I love your new banner! Get outta the dumps and come to NYC already. Those buttons are calling your name.

Rose said...

i think we have all been like this before. hope you are feeling better and i want you to know that i enjoy reading your blog. i am an "older" person and love your writing. i think my granny use to say something about how we just need to "get back on the horse". so when you are feeling better get back on!!! thanks for your time that you spend writing!