yeah, I cut my hair.

quite literally...I cut it in my bathroom. I was feelin' frumpy, so I cut it off, except I couldn't find a mirror to look at the back so I ran to my mother-in-laws for her to cut the wonky pieces I missed. Then I asked Yo Mama (visiting from NY, who has recently grown her hair out long and luscious) how she felt about bangs and she said they inhibited her ability to be a good mom, but I should do it, and I always do what she says. She has the power of persuasion.

I like 'em! but I have to agree with her. I'm not so quick with the one wipe diaper show anymore because I'm fussin' with the bangs. But we can deal.

I apologize, I posted the sprinkles picture before pre-empting you with the hair cut headliner. I just wasn't thinking. Then after reading your nice comments on the hair (and the sprinkles), I figured I better address it. (Thanks guys.) And really, what is a blog without a "got my haircut" post or two.

So there it is. Bangs and all. I got my haircut.


ShEiLa said...

i like it.
i like it alot.
but i already said that.


Natalie said...

oh yes. way cute. I like the curly/wavy one the bestest...and that's easier to do, no?

Emma said...

WE all need a new look now and again!!
good job you look great!!

mary said...

I love! I've been daydreaming about a new 'do (specifically, bangs) too.

AndyPandyJackaDandy said...

Fun to get your hair cut! And kudos on doing it yourself--I cut my own bangs now and then, but only out of sheer frustration and it's NEVER a good idea (for me). What I'm wondering though is: what COLOR is your hair? It looks like a different shade in every picture! Glamorous!

cally said...

My hair is an illustrious shade of grey. And there's some brown in there, too.

It's just brown.
And grey.