today i spent way too much time with screens and mommy guilt, and not nearly enough time with sprinkles.


ShEiLa said...

I love your hair Cally!!!!

sprinkes top screens anyday. Ü


Crystal Copeland said...

Love your hair! Super cute!

corrie said...

That is a slammin Do! You look hot. I miss the soft serve double dipped in chocolate with sprinkles from that place in Regina.
To die for. Just like that hair.

Donna said...

Ditto love the hair, and I'm jealous I didn't get any sprinkles

Danielle Spangler said...

Hey, I found you from another blog! Your fam looks great and growing so fast. Take care!

Child Family said...

WHAM, girl! you've got BANGS!!



it was called "the Milkyway", by the way. (in response to corrie's fond memory) mmmm. their famous "sprinkle dinkle" will bless my life forever and always.

Unknown said...

I wonder why you posted that picture? Hello..rockin the hair do??

Now, when are you going to post another BAD photo of yourself?

O.k. really do love this photo...it's not often that moms get to be on the other side of the camera. And with such a sweet shot with the kids.

And, you are the tutorial fool...crazy woman!! i am saving myself a comment loading time.

Loving the Andy bag....the letters are so cute...my fav! I love personalized stuff. like a million times better with a name than a skull! :)

Kacie rocks the scrunchie.

Emma said...

I love your hair you look great!!
I cut my hair also!! ya moms need new dues to.

Alissa Nicolau said...

Love the tutorials. I want to try the oil cloth bags simply because I think oil cloth is rad.

It's nice to see a pic of you with the kids.