Tylenol defiance.

He's not going to take it without a fight.

He won't even eat popsicles.

And I've gained like 5 sympathy pounds.

Tonsilectomy's hurt.


Donna said...

Love the photo, and the spread. I miss Kroger and their 10 for 10 sales. Where did you get the bowl with the grapes? This dinner in ID had plates like that but no one could tell me where they came from.

cally said...

The bowl is actually a strainer I found at an antique shop. I love it. I need more.

ShEiLa said...



ps. I hope he gets feeling better.

traskrocks said...

Oh my goodness. Poor boy. LOVE ANTIQUES!!

Teresa Johnson said...

Tonsillectomys do hurt...bad! I had mine out when I was 21...HORRIBLE!!! Poor kid, I feel for him!

Kay said...

Is he still a "27?"

Emma said...

Why does it have to be so hard? Just take the tylenol and you will feel better it is that simple!!!!!!
I hate it when my kids do that.