sweet friday.

My camera is totally broken.
I spent an hour looking for the battery charger to Dani's camera in her "recycled garbage creative warehouse" we sometimes like to call her bedroom. She's at a sleepover, and so I called her to say I love you and make sure she had everything she needed, and ask where the charger was. Two times. I know, lame. She finally said "Mom, can you just wait and I'll help you find it tomorrow, so you can stop calling me?"
But I took that as a challenge and found it under the stack of empty cereal boxes turned Webkinz condomium.

Joey cried from 3:00 until 8:00 without a breath. He wanted me to get his blankie, not Kacie. He wanted the green cup, not the orange. Andy put the red block on top of the castle instead of the blue. Kacie looked at him. He wanted pretzels on his ice cream. He wanted Star Wars, not McQueen. His pillow was flat. I read Fat Cat on a Mat before David Gets in Trouble. I kissed Andy goodnight before singing. I sang the wrong song.
Due to his current circumstances, I let him cry. We cried together.

Conan is in Bristol with Jakey. NASCAR. Yu huh! Yes he is!
He called me on his cell and all I heard was a booming vroom vroom. I mean, loud.
Jake didn't sleep last night, he was so excited. He told me he was happy to finally get racing out of his system so he could settle with being a librarian after college.

We had leftover Kindergarten Dinner for dinner.

I made brownies. With icing. To wash down dinner.

Now I'm doing this:

I like Guy.


Somer said...

Mmm, brownies sound good.

Emma said...

How the heck do you stay so thin??? If ate all the goodies you do I would be sooooooo fat!!!!
I am so sorry your little guy cried all night it's so sad when they don't feel good.
Love you.

Lori said...

How'd you get that shot? With your nose?

cally said...

I have a very talented nose, Lori.

Crystal Copeland said...

Ok, first I am sorry Joey is feeling so bad. Poor thing, and you poor thing also. You are my hero.
Second, I also wanna know how you eat brownies with icing, and cheesecake all the time and don't get fat.
Lastly, I second Lori.....how the hey did you get that shot?? Timer and balancing?? That's my guess anyway.

Unknown said...

Poor Joey. I hope he is cured by church on Sunday. That crying will be even harder when your surrounded by 150+ friends.

Your Friday is looking pretty nice to me.

And I am glad that Joey could be inducted into the Southern Gentlemen's Club? He could have never joined without a trip to Nascar. :)

Unknown said...

Not Joey...Jake. Just caught that as it was saving.

Renee Camacho said...

what a day - I'd be in a melted heap. hope it all has went better this weekend!

AndyPandyJackaDandy said...

Sorry about the sadness and frustration of it all. And now you can feel sorry for me that my colicky baby won't let me eat those life-saving brownies!

Very Shannon said...

Oh, I know those days....poor thing. I love the blanket you're working on. That's the best moment right there in your pic.