the kids made dinner tonight.

Crayola Washables.
Best domestic thing that ever happened to me.
That and windex wipes.
Tomorrow I'm gonna get Joey to color the entire table green.


ShEiLa said...


I drew a pirate on my sons bald head when he was in High School with those Crayola Washables... every house needs them.


Unknown said...

I didn't ever think of really letting them draw on furniture because they are washable...how fun!

Crystal Copeland said...

Love this idea!! Do they wash off walls too????

Btw...I am on Etsy now!!

Becky said...

hello. nice to meet you. i don't know how i found your blog, but i did and then spent twenty minutes digging into it (which i never do)...so, if you don't mind...i'd like to come back now and then and check out all the craziness/artsiness. anyhoo. bb

corrie said...

I'm having a hard time breathing.

I know they're washable, but still.
I hope every single writing implement in your home is washable.
Then again...what creative expression.

wendy said...

well now, aint that fun!!!

Emma said...

so funny!