We went to see Monsters vs. Aliens 3D. My recommendation; don't.

Lame. No disrespect to Reese Witherspoon, I like her; but lame.

AndyHam rocked out during the previews. And the credits (in the aisle with a little more enthusiam) but I didn't get the camera out in time for that show. He was funnier than the movie.

The kids all wanted popcorn, and I said no. That stuff will kill 'em young, and cost us their college tuition. So I said no. Joey whined and whimpered and pouted for popcorn. He was mad the whole time. And I still said no. Then half way through the movie, right when the Golden Gate is crumbling, Joey turns to me and whispers, "Dad gets me popcorn."


The kids all had raving reviews for dad when we got home. I told him it was lame, and he asked the kids if they ate a lot of popcorn.

silence. heads turning. eyes glaring, piercing my very soul.


Dani took responsibility, as the oldest, to let dad know that mom wouldn't buy popcorn.

"It'll kill 'em, Conan."
"But it's the movies. You have to get popcorn at the movies."

He's right. I'm lame.

no I'm not.


Unknown said...

I'm with Conan on the popcorn thing.

Abigail was telling me today about how deprived her and sophia and bella are because they never get to go to the "real" movie...I guess all the kids saw monsters v. aliens over the weekend.

My kids only get to go to the Dollar Movie....hello, you gotta have enough money for the popcorn.

Come with us next time...you just have to hold them out for a few months longer.

AndyPandyJackaDandy said...

Chris was just telling me that we should take our boys to this movie--some guys at work recommended it. So...why is it lame?

Carolyne said...

I for one can't walk into a movie theater without buying popcorn, even though per ounce, it's more expensive than Fillet Mignon. Ah, I'm weak.

corrie said...

Brian always gets them popcorn. I don't. That stuff is gross and so greasy and salty. We'll have to do as mom did when ever we made it to a movie and pack home made BURGERS into our pockets.
And that movie looks lame even in the commercials.

cally said...

Hey Andrea, I thought the story line was cheesy. And I tend to be more on the picky side when it comes to media for the kids...they take the Lord's name in vain a number of times in the movie, and there's a scene where this couple "parks" and the girl is trying to "get some action" from the guy. Not my idea of a kid concept.

Yo Mama said...

So, this Conan guy. We never got popcorn growing up. Come to think of it, we never went to the movies growing up. He's revolting from his childhood, and I don't know if I can stand by him. I'm with you. No popcorn. that butter stuff isn't even butter!!! It's like butter flavored oil. ewww. And then what's next???? The $15 dollar soda??? Come on!

Lindsey Rose said...

I am definitely with you on the popcorn! I tell Brielle if she complains about it we will just leave the movie and she gets nothin. I am so mean, but you are right, that stuff really will kill em.

Becky said...

They do charge an arm and a leg. We always go to this cheap theater and every Tuesday night you can bring any container (up to 3 gallons) and they'll fill it with popcorn for fifty cents!

You're not lame.

Donna said...

I'm with you on the popcorn. That stuff is nasty. Plus kids gotta learn they can't have everything they want. Theres enough brats running around as it is,

Katy Beth said...

This is why you buy the cheap/healthier stuff & carry a really big purse into the theater with you. Yes, I will admit it. I sneak food into the movies & I've even taught my hubby to.

Trent said...

I have to agree with you wonderful husband and kids. At the movies you must buy a 5 gallon bag of popcorn and only eat about 4 cups worth of it. But the best part is the HUGE GULP, 72 ounces of pure heaven in Dr. Pepper! (and you only drink 20 ounces).
That my dearest beloved cousin is how you go to the movies. :)

cally said...

NO!! Crazy BuzzMan! Don't encourage this type of mad artery clogging behavior. Forgo the agony! This is a recession, by gosh!

Becky, get him off the computer.

I love you Trent, but no.

And for those of you who choose to read on...puke story coming up.
This is what you're eating, Trent. I puke when I'm pregnant. I puke everything. And I once puked up movie popcorn at least 3 hours after eating it, and the toilet was one big bowl of nasty yellow motor oil. grease skating across the surface of the toilet water as if to taunt me. I am grateful for that puke. For I saw movie popcorn for what it really is. A killer.

Don't do it, BuzzMan.

wendy said...

That picture of your kids is hysterical.

Ree said...

Conan's a push-over, and he's leading your innocent children astray. Save the money and the arteries. Eat popcorn on blockbuster nights at home.