cribs and derbies.

I took the rail off Kacie's crib.
No more clanking of the toys against the bars after naptime.
No more crib. No more baby.

I'm not prepared for that.

Conan and I made our first Pinewood Derby car this week.
Jake, all cute and grown up in his uniform.
He didn't win a ribbon; of any kind.

He cried himself to sleep as I told him about Ekaj the Pirate Boy, who didn't win the big boat race, either. Ekaj watched all the faster, shinier, bigger boats pass by, and was kissed by a dolphin, and saw a Unicorn slide down a purple rainbow. He made it to the end, and cried on the beach, head held low, in last place. Then he was socked in the stomach by a roller skating supernova. He didn't get the win, but he took home an exploding star...on skates. (Conan and I just watched Xanadu; the skates made sense.)

I think he understood. Someone will always have a faster boat, but they may never hold a super nova. Or smooch a dolphin. He cried, some more, and said it was the best story he ever heard in all his life. sweet jakey.

I went to sleep trying to think up a good one about Ekaj getting his heart broken by the Pirate Princess Aihpos.

I'm not prepared for that.

Kacie plays the bongos and rips up books now, instead of sleeping.
Jake has a list of treasures from the Derby; but still wants a ribbon.
Naptime is disappearing.
Stories don't fix everything.
Someone will always have a faster boat.

I'm not prepared for that.

Good thing I've got a hamper full of purple rainbows.
And ripped up books.


Becky said...

You should write a book for me on "Motherhood." Thank goodness for the blog in the meantime!

Yo Mama said...

You actually made me cry. I'm not even sure why. I think that sometimes when you can't make good things happen for your kids, and you really want to, but know that life happening to them is part of life is one of the most difficult challenges of motherhood. It reminded me of the day that calvin came home from pre-k and said that some of the kids had laughed at him. Seriously, that's a toughie. The funny thing is that it is probably harder to watch. Wellll......maybe not. Anyhooooo, I'm sorry your babies are growing up. mine are too.

ShEiLa said...

I do not believe we can ever be prepared. It is still hard for me... all of my little birdies are out of the nest.


That Girl said...

Oh dear. I'm not ready, either.


Unknown said...

Aww poor guy. Pinewood derby's are so competitive. Elias won first place in his pack this year( but didn't get a trophy or a ribbon, the pack leader thought giving prizes would make some of the boys feel left out.) and when we went to district he was eliminated..but seriously, at district it was really parents competing against each other and it was not a good experience for any of us. Adults can be so ugly about something that is meant to be fun for the KIDS ..I wish he hadn't won so we wouldn't have had to( or wanted to ) go there. I think it was traumatizing for my little guy. So you see Jakey, sometimes losing is better. Thats what we decided.

Nana/Mom said...

your post brought tears to my eyes. As the Nana of 4, almost 5, it does go by so very quick. They change right in front of your eyes.

Enjoy them-too soon they will be off to college.

Sarahie said...

oh, you made me cry too! It could just be because I'm pregnant, or because I'm not prepared for mine to grow up yet either. But, it could be because I love being a mother too and you just reminded me how sweet the whole package really is. thanks!

Emma said...

I can't believe you took the rails off the crib. I dread the day that I have to do that! and you are a great story teller, I have had the pleasure of hearing some of them too!

Unknown said...

Ah man....that breaks my heart.

Conan better fine tune some derby skills for next year...I have a feeling that no one will EVER be faster than a Cruze boy again.

Heartbreaks are a good thing...when you look back on them 25 years later....it will be a good story for Jake to tell to his own kids.

And giving up nap time is making mom emotional :)

Oh and P.S. Pinewood derbies are really making me happy to have ALL daughters and no sons.

AndyPandyJackaDandy said...

Um, now I am afraid of the Pinewood derby. And I have 2.5 boys at present--yikes. But I really appreciate your story. Reminds me that I need to prep myself to give those kinds of tales more often. Kudos for being such a great mom, Cally.

Kay said...

You made me relive my Mommy memories, such wonderful, sweet memories. I loved your comfort for Jake and I cried for him. And I relished for Kacie her new found freedom. Here's to life, all of it!

wendy said...

Even when you get old like me, it is hard to take that someone ALWAYS HAS A FASTER BOAT. But I really would love to be kissed by a dolphin. You are magical.

Natalie said...

"He cried, some more, and said it was the best story he ever heard in all his life."
(can you hear that single tear hitting my keyboard? sniff.)
so sweet.
My dad used to make up the most amazing stories. I loved that about him...why don't I do that?!
Good for you, Momma.
ugh...the ripping up books stage is not my favorite.
love you.