best day ever.

Today was official pajama day.
You do squat on pajama day.

Except belly races.

Kacie won every time 'cause she cheats.

We unlocked the Star, Leaf, and Special Cup in the 50cc races. Good thing kids like to watch mom kick whooee with her fancy pants Bowser bike. Makes for an excellent pajama bottoms festivity.

Hold on to your green shell and throw it back right before the red shell is gonna smash ya. btw.

I did manage to sneak a shower all by myself during Kacie's nap. I don't have much alone time in the shower so I took some time and bonded with my new Pantene.

One time, when my sister-in-law Katie lived with us, we came home from a date and she was in the shower with Dani in her little tub. I was like, "Uh, Katie? We don't shower with other people's babies."

that's good advice.

Then I put my pajamas back on and resumed position behind the no.1 controller and unlocked Diddy Kong. Sweet mother of squat.

We ate cheese and pitas for lunch, because there was no bread. So we made 6 loaves of bread that didn't rise and ate two of them for dinner.

Joey practiced his photography. And we all practiced crossing our eyes.

I call this the woodchuck. Sometimes I like to pull the woodchuck from behind the piano in Senior Primary on Sundays. Not in Junior because they cried once. But it breaks up my 2 hours of piano bench.

I stole my sister-in-law Lori's technique of 4:00 clean the house time. The kids cried, because Dani was close to unlocking Daisy, but we did two loads of laundry, tidied 4 rooms, vaccumed 5, and lysoled 2 bathrooms. I love Lori. Bless you.

Mr. Mooring saw my pajamas in the car ride line when he asked me to roll down my window to tell me Dani has art displayed downtown this week. I squealed for Dani, then realized he glanced at my Care Bear pants.

It's pajama day, Mr. Mooring.

best day ever.


ShEiLa said...

If we were smart.

with the desire to keep it simple.
[like Oprah talked about today]
WE all should have pajama days...

Mr.Mooring was just jealous and too chicken to ask... where did you get those?



ShEiLa said...

I ToOdLeD twice.

andrea said...

How much wood could a woodchuck chuck? Sometimes I feel sorry for dads cuz they can't do pj days at their works...mostly.

Yo Mama said...

I can't believe you outed me and my showering with other people's babies. You could have just kept in anonymous. I was young. Oh, so young, and unaware that you can leave a baby in a bouncy seat or car seat outside of the shower whilest you are in it. Hooray for 2 kids that have taught me something . . . . . Oh well, I forgive you, but only because you know the green shell trick, which was taught to me by the all knowing Noah. Mario is very popular at our home, almost as popular as yoshi. I no likey daisy or peach. Too girly. I likey DK. DK is the man. Also, what is 4:00 clean-up???????

corrie said...

That woodchuck gives me the creeps. I tried it from behind the piano during Senior Primary a couple weeks ago and couldn't get anyone to look. Then they asked me a question and I wasn't paying attention because I was concentrating so hard on keeping the teeth dry so the lips would stick, and everyone looked. And nobody laughed. It's wasn't so great.

Wonder Woman said...

Yesterday was a pajama day for us, too. Not quite as fun, but we did do a 4:00 clean up! Seems like a good time to buckle down to me.

Love woodchuck. Makes me think of Platypus from Runaway Bride (where her leg is the pole...)

♥s, cally!

Wonder Woman said...

p.s. showering with your own children to a certain age: -permissable
showering with someone else's kids at ANY age: prohibited. a little weird...

Wonder Woman said...

and now I feel silly because I didn't read all the comments before posting the p.s. so please disregard! :o)

cally said...

Katie...you were totally justified in your actions. I'm sorry for outing you.

Never again.

will I mention any stories from your days in our hood. Unless it involves a pioneer rat.

mandi said...

oh man-
we need to think up a way to play mario cart through the blogosphere. kinda like halo, but much, much less violent.

i love pajama day. and i too do the 4pm cleanup. you can get A LOT done in that time!

Crystal Copeland said...

Yeppers. The ole' four o'clock clean up!! I probably do that waaaaaay to often! Glad I am not the only one though~

wendy said...

I'd love pajama day!!!!!!Wonder if they'd go for the idea at my work???

Diana said...

What a good mommy!

Emma said...

We call it lazy day and yes they are the best days ever stay home and do nothing, you gotta have it once in a while!@