i love Cosas Minimas, by Blanca Gomez.

I'm going to pretend to buy these and pretend hang them in my pretend painted hallway, after I pretend to finish the laundry.
I just love looking at them.
Found her from Guest Mom Stephmodo on designmom.


ShEiLa said...

I am so glad that you didn't mean after doing the laundry for real.

They are nice to look at...
i like the pop of colors
in #3.


wendy said...

Really neat art -- you have a neat taste for different things. And PRETEND I AM THERE HELPING YOU DO THOSE CHORES. lol

Jeigh said...

Hi, Cally! I just love your blog, so I decided it was time to come out and tell you. You're awesome. That art is so fun, too. I like the first one, with the technicolor rain.
Also, I pretended to exercise today! Small world! Isn't it nice to be so (pretend) productive?

Emma said...

Im pretending to do the laundry right know while I pretend to admire your wall and paintings, I would say what great taste you have my loving cousin!!