valentine ideas.


jenifer said...

cally-- these are adorable... i LOVE them. but, you sorta suck. why can't you just be a normal mom and BUY cheapo valentines at the store so your kids can cry because the space for them to write their bff(BANDERA)'s name is too small. i mean, i did buy the cards that came with candy... love ya- a little bit

ShEiLa said...

these are my favorite MiSS CaLLy!


ps. i definitely don't think tiny children would appreciate the depth of these valentines. teenage girls & up... you bet!

Yo Mama said...

My printer is going to be sooooo busy today!

cally said...

Oh Jenifer, don't hate me.

This is a creative outlet for my bread fallin', rear wipin', floor sweepin', slush day blues.

I made bread, and it collapsed.
Joey thinks he can hygieneically wipe his own bottom already. Nope, he can't.
Kacie likes to empty things. Dirty things.
My kids are loud.
So I painted. And all was well.

We're handing out the free Krispy Kreme Valentine coupons you get when you buy a dozen. I wish the whole world would catch on to that. Nothing says I love you like a box of anti heart health.

a wynn wynn situation said...

You are SOOO COOOL! Thanks for all the fun valentines and the fit of giggles I had over your copyright fairy :)

Alice Faye said...

So much talent! I love the first pictures. I almost wish I had kids at home who had to take valentines to school. ALMOST!

wendy said...

That's a bunch of great valentine ideas.......drawings, I love your drawings. How come you got all the creativity in the family. HUH?? Truffles...you too???

Beeswax said...

I am totally using these! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Awwww...I love love love these, esp. the "you rock" one! It's my fave.

jenifer said...

ok fine.
IF you have smelly butt kids i can't HATE you.
and, your little hanger apron is great.
me, i'm STILL folding laundry.
it's going on 3 stinkin' days.
i think i forgot how i used to get stuff done.