birthdays and such.

My baby hit the double digits. 10 years old. How did this happen? Didn't I just graduate highschool? I'm still young and cool, aren't I?
Somehow you lose your coolness confidence when a tween rolls their eyes at you.
Not that that's ever happened to me.

We celebrated Dani's decade on Friday with crazy friends, food that will kill ya, and no sleep. Good times.

I finally won a working typewriter on ebay. She sat on the couch and wrote stories while her friends danced down the runway of dressup heaven. She told me when the world is corrupted with technology and handhelds, she can plop down her typewriter and compose while everyone's waiting for a connection.
Funny clever girl.
I love her. She makes my cheeks hurt.

My birthday is the day after Dani's. I'm now officially a year older than I think I want to be. Where did 1994 go? And cassette tapes?

Conan got me a real live green ipod, and a clean house.
For real guys, what is more perfect than a sparkling toilet and portable music to serenade it with. Not much. He knows how to get me.

So, here's what I'm pretending you'd like to give me for my birthday. I have a sweet load of itunes money to spend (thanks Corrie); and I'm a little anxious about it all. This is a tricky expenditure. It must be spent wisely! No impulse buys, no assumptions of greatness, no fake people recommendations.

It's like you only have $3 to spend at the bakery and you're staring at this gigantic gooey dripping with chocolate ganache torte something, and you know you want it, but you're sure there's something even more dangerous in the back. So you'd like to talk to the kitchen.

What's your best music! Tell me what you love. Be selective and specific.
I have perused your playlists and found some winners, but I need to dive into your psyche and find the good good stuff you keep in the back.

Spill your musical beans...
and happy birthday to me.

Gee, thanks guys.


andrea said...

Happy Birthday!!!! I had a dream we were hanging out at your house and I really wanted to see you sew standing up! :)

So I would recommend Pricilla Ahn-The Weepies (Say I am you album) Painting by Chagall, Take it from me, and Gotta Have you are some of my fav. songs-Feist
The songs You Picked Me, THink of you, by A fine frenzy
You Got me by Tristan Prettyman
Sentimental Heart by She and Him
Surround Me(from NBCs american dreams--version) by the Ben Taylor Band
Yay! Have fun!

wendy said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CALLY ---and Dani. I didn't realize you were a day apart. Don't worry, you are still totally cool....just cooler now!! Glad Dani got her typewriter. I'll have to go home and check my tunes.......eric has 100's on his i-pod....probably close to 3000 by now. hope you had a good day. love ya

AndyPandyJackaDandy said...

Hey--congrats on being my same age now! And I am mad at myself for not remembering to wish you that earlier--your bday is easy to remember after I remember my own, since the dates are similar. Anyway, hurray for you and hurray for Dani and hurray for donuts--yum!

Teresa Johnson said...

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Just a few tunes that I recommend...

Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen...it's a classic
Chances Are from the Hope Floats Soundtrack

a wynn wynn situation said...

Happy Birthday!!
Okay, so my gotta have it right now playlist has this on it-
Colors by Kira Willey
Priscilla Ahn- anything the girl sings is gold
Ray LaMontagne- most of his music is fab
Jason Mraz
Meiko- Reasons To Love
Newton Faulkner
Kina Grannis
Joshua Radin- No Envy No Fear
Ingrid Michaelson- Breakable
Lenka= The Show
Jaymay- Gray or Blue
The Weepies- Gotta Have You
Brett Dennen- I LOVE him!

And if I am needing quiet mom time then Eric McCarl's Seeking the Light album is so relaxing.

Sorry, my list is not small or specific. Happy itunes perusing :)

ShEiLa said...

Have you heard the Alley Cats?
Let me know...
I love them.



Unknown said...

Love the typewriter..I may have to have Abigail add in some paper as a gift. :)

Happy Birthday to you too...I am so bad to remember birthdays, but I just got this new perpetual birthday calendar..i am going to have add you on.

Donna said...

I lOVE me some Itunes. I recommend The weepies -Jolene and The world spins madly on. , Anything by Deb Talan ( part of the weepies) Cold play Viva la vida, entire album is amazing! The Fray both albums-specifically Look after you, You found me, Never say never, and Enough for now. Issac Slade's voice is like butta. Joe Purdy. And of course your random rump shaking top 40 music.

La Memster said...

so... u may not want to buy this... but you should youtube Flight of the COnchords- Business Time... I think you'll laught. I also like their song Jenny.

Wonder Woman said...

I wear my music on my sleeve/sidebar. It basically holds every song I've ever loved. Half of them hold a memory, the other half are ones I'm really diggin right now.

If you want some good LDS tuneage, I recommend Cherie Call. "Beautiful" and "She" have changed me as a person. Some of her stuff is on playlist.com, others stuff is on imeem.com

Happy Birthday!!!!! Anyone I've ever been best friends with has been born in February. I think I just get along really well with Aquariuses (Aquarii?). Basically I'm not surprised that you were born in February. ;)

Cherstin said...

If you hit up my playlist you will get some good ones. But I have to tell you this. Don got the family Rock Band tour for the Wii and they have all these songs already programed on there. And some of them you have to earn by getting through a band tour. Anyway, Long story sort, on one of the tour s was Dream Thearter "Pull ME Under" song. i couldn't believe it!!! It brought back so many memories. Do you remember just laying on your bed (I think it was a water bed) and just listening to the whole album, reading the words and trying to make sence of what was writen. I was rock'n to that song that night I found it on again with my fam in toe. It was fun to think back on that time. And now it's a must play every time we get the band together. And believe me, I'm always singing my heart out to you. It just wouldn't be right any other way. Good times!

L. OL. said...

hmm... there are so many songs out there.... I don't even have them all on my playlists because I have become lazy and just use pandora now... but here is the url to what playlists I do have

Natalie said...

I emailed you my playlist and I was gonna add Cherie Call but saw that Wonder Woman already did. So I second that motion and must say she is the best songwriter. I just discovered her and am still weeping in the car while I listen. So beautiful...xo!

Lindsey Rose said...

Happy Birthday to you!!! What a fun birthday present, way to go Conan. Okay, for my music recommendations, I love ANYTHING by the band Nickel Creel. They are my favorite. I also love Taylor Swift, she has some great tunes!

cally said...

It is now apparent to me why I like you guys so much.

We have the same taste in music. THat's a big deal in a working relationship.

I have loved the Weepies and Nickel Creek since I was an embryo, 32 years ago.

Okay, for a long time.

THANK YOU!!! For all the awesome tunes. I'm off to spend some good quality hours with itunes now.

PS. I feel so much wiser today. And saggier.

cally said...

And Cherstin...I have forever remembered memorizing an entire album with you on my King size massive waterbed, and have tried to remember who the heck it was?

Dream Theater!! I'm so excited!!

Thank you, thank you.

Alice Faye said...

Kay, I don't think Cally would be the least bit interested in what our favorites are, do you? "Little Red Riding Hood", "The Name Game," "Wild Thing," "The Twist," "Mustang Sally," (My personal favorite becasue I had a mustang in high school), "The Love Machine." Oh the list goes on and on. You children don't know what you are missing!!!!

Emma said...

Happy birthday hope it was great.

AMBER said...

Hope your day was a superduper fun one. I love sparkling toilets and music as well oh good times. As for music well I love Rhiana and lady gaga and Brittney Spears and then into my country roots is Faith and Tim and Carrie Underwood and well seriously the list goes on. Rhiana and Lady Gaga are my running tunes. Sure love ya!!

Beeswax said...

Okay, I looked at your playlist, and it turns out you have EXCELLENT taste in music (is a lot like mine.)

Try Leigh Nash, Blue on Blue, I like the whole album

Gary Jules, self titled, but I didn't buy all bc Gary decided to cuss. Love Wichita and Road Song Blues and Falling Awake

Patrick Park- Something pretty and Joshua James- New Love Song.

Have you heard Coldplay Prospekt's March EP? Esp. Life in Technicolor II and Glass of Water.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Cally!!! Love the clean house gift, one of my faves. Hmmm...good tunes? Right now I am also really diggin Coldplay's Viva la Vida, my fave is "Violet Hill." Also really like the song "One Thing" by Finger Eleven, I think. I've gotta work on my playlist, too.