My hair is deeply moisturized.

Beauty products kill brain cells.

I did a few wild and crazy things in my old age and wrinkly face, I'm willing to admit...I bought products last month...and I started a face washing regimen. I've never really washed my face before. I'd rinse it, maybe use a cotton ball, do the Noxema splash, but that's it. Never with hair pulled back and the washcloth and the soapy eyes mummy walk to find the towel. So, I liked the new Dove commercials and chose to browse the beauty aisle. As a result, I've become bedtime buddies with the gentle exfoliating Dove soap bar, a washcloth, astringent, the lotion, and the mummy walk. The whole shebangbang. And I pluck. Which has nothing to do with my story.

So here's where it gets good, bad, and ugly...

As we were packing for Alabama I grabbed my face lotion and threw it in the toiletries bag with my tweezers. Then, for the first time in like a month I took a second look at my hair de-frizzer to decide if I really needed to take it with me.

And I was like...

Because. And this is why...

The bottle on the left is my face lotion. The bottle on the right is my hair cream.

*** the crickets chirp here.
Uh...NO it's NOT!!

Big humongo DUMB!!

So there it is, my beauty product buying friends and forever family who will choose not to make fun of me. The reason I don't call. My brain is dumb. And my rebellious hair is apparently untamed. But it is UVA Protected.

Here are my excuses for the mix up...


In my defense, they are both 4 oz. Very similar.

Dear 2009,
I promise, with all fibers of my being, to pay more attention when applying anything creamy onto my body, or any soft surface, and to leave the beauty deals for the smart people. I will not allow genius marketing skills to target my 30 something vulnerability. And I will write a letter to the Dove top dogs explaining the miraculous results I've had using their hair cream. On my face!

The end.


I'm making Mexican Fiesta Biscuit Bake tonight. in case someone needs ideas. And still believes in me.


Angie said...

Well, from the darling shot of yourself that I see here, it looks as though your skin is rather lovely, so the anti-frizz goop must work nicely, huh?
Tell me...does it?
I have skin issues and am always looking for something that is actually going to work. If you tell me that Dove Frizz Control Therapy Taming Cream with Repairing Serum made your skin smooth and glowy, then I will march my behind to Wal-mart tonight to buy some to use on my rough and bumpy, less than glowy complexion.

Doman Family said...

I think you are beautiful. That dinner sounds good, you should forward the recipe. We are just having plain old chicken and potatoes tonight. I need a little spice around here.

Wonder Woman said...

I am without words. This is SO something I would do. I have to double check my shampoo and conditioner everytime. Though, since they're both for hair it's not as big of a deal.

Thumbs up for non-sunburnt hair!!

love that shot of you. Classic.

ShEiLa said...

i don't see that as a huge blunder.
now if it was the Nair...
the major ingredient in both Dove products is 'water' so... i am glad the outcome isn't horrendous.
They say [bald is beautiful] but lets not go there MiSS CaLLy. Ü


Donna said...

I love it thats awsome! If you hold my hand around the craft store, I'll hold yours around Sephora.

Child Family said...

oh. oh oh oh. i love you. dearly.

Beeswax said...

SO how does your hair feel? I'm guessing not so much body.

You should write to them if it moisturizes well, though. THey will get a kick out of it.

My Dad used to make dog food for a living, and he really loved it when the little old ladies on social security sent him recipes for Mighty Dog tacos, etc., and said their husbands had no idea they were eating dog food.

That's another way to get a shiny coat, er, hair, in case you are interested.

cally said...

Angie, I've had absolutely no unusual incidents with my face. Soft as a babies butt.

And my hair's been shiny, too. I atttibute that to the week I spent at my sister's using her expensive conditioner, though.

And Donna...what's Sephora? I told you. I'm dumb.

And to who cares...I've always been aware I have a semi bulbous nose. But that picture has seemed to throw it in my face. Bulbous. I just won't go around giving people the Dove mix up face.

I am LoW said...

Here's my story- A bit ago I took my nightly Hshower, grabbed the lotion and got in bed and started to apply to my legs. It felt different. but I still applied to both legs, started on the arms, finally checked the bottle and it was BODY WASH. I had to shower again. :)

cally said...

HAAHAA!! Now that's funny, LoW.

Now let's hear someone admit to brushing their teeth with desitin.

AndyPandyJackaDandy said...

FUNNY. And I'm trying to rack my brain for something I've done similar--but that would mean that my brain would have to work, right? SERIOUSLY, I've always said that I felt like part of my brain dripped out with each session of breast milk (now that's a pleasant image for your readers), but it really is worse in pregnancy. Can. Hardly. Function. So I will look at all my bottles extra close tonight. Thanks for the cautionary tale! (Although, really, my face would be all red and blotchy after the first attempt--how did your face do NOTHING?!)

Donna said...

Hey Cally, Sephora is a high end beauty mecca for all things to get diva-fied. Its only the best thing since....yeah I dunno. Check it out Sephora.com. If you teach me how to hem pants, I can teach you how to have a killer smoky eye.