we've gone yoyo tutorial.

Dani wanted me to teach her to crochet. Again. But I opted for yoyos instead of doing the hook and purl thing.

She's gone totally yoyo.

So before I take a break from bloggyLand next week, and before I go Pompei on every dirty rotten crevice of my house with Bam and Vinegar for our Christmas Break Inaugural Clean House Celebration, I thought I'd share how to make a yoyo. For some good bonding crafty fun with your supertween:

Use a fabric glue stick. You don't have to use the glue, but it makes it easier for little hands not to have to fold as they sew.

Use a wide straight stitch all the way around your fabric circle. I double my thread so I can pull it tight without the thread breaking.

I hold the tight yoyo on the table with my thumb as I tie the knots, so it doesn't loosen up.

Happy yoyo. And happy clean holiday toilets.
Time to Celebrate.


Bliss said...

Love the tutorial... what a great idea for an ornament!

cally said...

Oh Bliss, I can't tell you how badly I want a yoyo quilt. So it will get all old and worn and look like my Grandma's.

Some day.

Mia said...

Those are really cute and a yoyo quilt would be to die for... but what I really want for Christmas is a clean house too. And for somebody else to clean my toilets.

La Memster said...

lol... I so luv u Cally! Hope you had a good cleaning day with yummy chocolate chip cookies to top it off! ;-) oh... & thanks for lettin' me stop in... was totally fun! Luv ya!

Yo Mama said...

I'm so craft-dumb. I got lost on the long stitch part. Perhaps i could get a private tutoring session? I'll trade you a sandwich?

cally said...

katie...deal, deal, and deal.

mandi said...

oh man- great tutorial!

ahh, the smell of vinegar...the sign of job well done!

ShEiLa said...

I thought those [thingys] were cute. Now I know what they are called and how to make one.

Thank you so much for sharing.


Sheri said...

Love the tutorial. My tweener will love making these!!

andrea said...

Cute tutorial! I made a yoyo garland this year....well, it's almost long enough. Ran out of red fabric. That's ok it'll be fun to work on for next year.