little ears

Joey was moping around yesterday,
all pouty and frowny. Grumpy.

I asked him what was wrong.
"Do you feel sick today, Joeman?"

"No...mom. I just...got..soooo much...to..do...today."

I talk out loud when perhaps I should just keep it to myself.


Lindsey Rose said...

Oh Cally, i think my kids could say the same thing word for word! It is amazing what they pick up on, it makes me want to be really careful, and then I slip up and forget they are listening!

AndyPandyJackaDandy said...

Love it! These are my favorite kind of kid phrases--grown-up ones that they like to try out when we're listening.

Also, you need to take some time off, so you can stop stressing the Joeman out! :)

ShEiLa said...

Yep they are little parrots... they listen... then repeat.

wendy said...

I love that kid