i love her living room.

Danielle Thomspon.

I love her stockings. The paint. The fabric. THe tree.
I love her crafts.
I love her photography.
I love her style.

REally, I do.


Wonder Woman said...

Me, too. I clicked on the pic to try to enlarge it and went to her site.....ohymgoodnessit'samazing!!

wendy said...

Yes, I think that looks like your style. One needs to make a statement!! I am still working on my dream living room ---ah, lets see, it's been 27 years now----slow work in progress. Sometimes I feel like my house doesn't reflect WHO I am (who am I anyway)

ShEiLa said...

very cute.
she loves pom-poms too.

cally said...

Oh yes, her blog is ohmygoodnessamazing. I want her time. I would say I want to be her, but I like me, so I just want her time. And her craft supplies. And her camera. ANd her living room.

covet covet covet, blah blah blah.

Donna said...

Does it come with the baby, because I don't want to be prego ever again.

Unknown said...

i know! i saw that pic on her blog the other day and immediately fell in love with it!!

Sharstin said...

I need that fabric!! do you know who it is or where it is from??

cally said...

SHarstin, the big blue one is Acanthus by Amy Butler. THe green is Jennifer Paginelli (I think, maybe). I'm not sure about the pink and the red.

I love it.