i'm gonna die.

We had candy for breakfast.

Candy for snack.

Candy and noodles for lunch.

Candy for snack.

Candy for second lunch.

And McDonalds for dinner.

Death by Fish Filet.

And candy.

Make it stop.


ShEiLa said...

The fish filet probably kept you from slipping into a 'candy coma'.

calicodaisy said...

What's worse is spending the week in Houston and not remembering to eat one green vegetable. Their Tex-Mex food is SOOOOO fantastic. However, there was a green margarita somewhere in there..... Back at home now, I'm trying to scrub out the insides with dark, green, leafy salad and raw broccoli slaw, nuts, apples .... Time for payback :(

a wynn wynn situation said...

I totally hear ya! Candy be gone!!

cally said...

mmm. leafy greens.

tell me more.

Anonymous said...

We're on candy overdose too. No matter how much I've thrown out, I manage to still find more! UGH!!!!

Rita said...

Hee hee....just yesterday I was feeling like maybe I needed an intervention. Someone to come say, "Rita...step away from the plastic pumpkin filled with candy..."

wendy said...

Hey no problem --my kids grew up on french fries and applesauce. they are fine/normal (sorta)