I wonder if Glinda was homeschooled.

I always feel smarter after talking with AnneMarie. Uh, let's try that again.

I always feel smarter after listening to AnneMarie. She's my really smart, level-headed, disciplined and intelligent friend who is always very tolerant of me pretending to know what I'm talking about.

She home schools.

I don't, because I'm selfish. But I've thought about it.

So I talked to AnneMarie; because she's smart; and because I get a little nauseous every Monday through Friday knowing I have just handed my children to the influence of those who decide what is acceptable and normal within their own bounds and not mine. And I've just put them in a place I can't run to fast enough if they should encounter flying monkeys.

It's going to get worse, you know. The influential monkeys.

So when do you decide? When do you decide to shelter them from the unacceptable, as defined by me? And why does the word shelter have a negatvie conotation? It means protect, doesn't it? Webster says so.

Do I allow my kids to play in the tornado, and hope it makes them stronger? Because it might. They may think real hard and figure out how to make a lean-to out of Dorothy's barn. Or they might just get swept away and end up making deals with a looney wizard.

I don't want them to. Get swept away.

I want them home.

But do I really want to homeschool?

I better teach them how to make a darn solid lean-to. You know, for shelter.

I'm not being all doomsday, just prepared. There's a storm comin'.


Crystal Copeland said...

This is a hard "tug and pull" situation huh? Tough decision, however, I think that the biggest influence is in the home. I think the influential monkeys will come sooner or later anyway unfortunately. You know your children best. Can they handle it "sooner" or "later"? Your best bet is the sturdy lean-to.

Anonymous said...

My very struggle this year. I ended keeping one home and sending two to school, for many reasons that was my decision! ...Good Luck!

Rita said...

Oh Cally -- you are singing my song! I don't think there's an easy answer here. I grew up in a very conservative home and went to a super conservative school. I am grateful for the things I was sheltered from, but on the flip side, I made some really stupid choices when I was first out on my own and was a little too naive.

It makes me sick with worry when I wonder what will my kids will be exposed to (and have been exposed to)and as they get older it will only get harder. But I guess the best we can do is give them the best possible foundation at home and hope they will make good choices and keep communicating with us.

(Sorry to ramble -- this topic just really hit home with me...)

Katy Beth said...

I was homeschooled as a child. All the way from Kindergarten through High School Graduation. My mom made the decision the first year, but after that let me decide each year if I felt I was prepared to deal with the world or wanted the expreicences. Although, a child doesn't always know whether they are ready or not, she trusted she had taught me well & that I would make the right choices. I never felt the need or urge to go to public school when I could get more done & avoid all the "evils" out there.

Now, as a mother I find myself analyzing if homeschooling is right for me & my daughter. I still don't have my answer. While there were several benfits for me, will it benefit her the most? Can she handle being out there?

There are benefits to both sides. I suppose all we can do is pray for guidance & what is best suited for our families.

a wynn wynn situation said...

I just LOVE and ADORE the way you write! I agree. What to do? I guess we pray (if we're brave enough to get the answer) and go from there. Personally I'm too scared of the home school answer to get on my knees just yet so I send them into the tornado. We do everything we can at home and try to be open and hope their lean-to is strong enough for now...

Natalie said...

I know! And then I think of the good influence they could be to the other kids too. You always hear that Heavenly Father saved the strongest spirits for the hardest times. I think at this point, I'm more inclined to send them into the tornado and trust they are strong enough and will be lights in the storm to help others find shelter. It does put a lot of responsibility on us to make sure they learn all the need to spiritually to be strong enough, though. Eek!

Beeswax said...

I have thought about homeschooling, but mostly because my kids are bored, and they could learn so much more and faster at home.

I grew up going to magnet schools, where in exchange for learning more and faster, I was bussed into some of the worst neighborhoods in Los Angeles. I certainly learned some stuff earlier than my parents would have liked, but I knew how to find good friends. I knew how to keep my head down around the gangsters, and I learned so much about different kids from different cultures (and how we weren't all that different). I learned from seeing the real life consequences of girls ending up pregnant or dead, that what my parents were preaching was true, and I avoided it all. Nobody ever offered me any drugs or anything else.

When I got to BYU, I was frustrated with kids who complained about rules. I knew from long experience that we all have to choose "who's on the Lord's side, who?" And that rules (and commandments) protect us.

I don't think I would have learned those lessons so well at home. But every kid is different. I think if my kid is starting making terrible decisions, I might consider pulling them out for a short time.

Good luck!

Shelane said...

been there, tried that. (i'm selfish too) In the end, it really comes down to you and the Lord. and I'm sooo not preachy/missionary, but that's the only way you'll ever feel at peace. "we" decided it just isn't my calling in life, but that doesn't mean I can just send the kiddos out the door and trust that they'll be safe. I have to make sure we read scriptures every morning etc so they'll have their armor on in the tornado.

oh, how the world scares me.

keep on inspiring us, we appreciate your voice and creativity.

tutietutu said...

Yep, there is Definitely a storm coming!! I ask myself the homeschool question every single day. There are many pros and cons either way. I am very undecided right now,as many moms are! The world is changing and who knows what is to come. There is a lot to think about. This is where prayer comes in. We all NEED prayer right now!
stop by my blog sometime,fun stuff going on this week!

ShEiLa said...
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ShEiLa said...

This is my take on this:
Matt 5:15
Neither do men light a candle, and put it under a bushel, but on a candlestick; and it giveth light unto all that are in the house.

Take all the good influence out of the world and what do you have?


wendy said...

I imagine there are some positives to homeschool ---the whole shelter thing would be wonderful----but you can't "home life" and "home job" they will have to get out and face the world someday----------there are no guarantees. We try and we pray and we hope----------

Becky said...

We've talked a lot about what we will do with our "some day" children. Some days I'm 110% for public education. I feel strongly that the only REAL problem with public education is the lack of parental involvement, so if it fails, it's because we failed. But other days, I consider charter schools or homeschooling so I feel like I've given my kids an advantage in the world and know that I did everything I could for them...who knows. There is one universal fact about education...you get out of it what you put in to it...whether it's your time, money, or the lack of.

Liz said...

Right now, I think I am for public education. There is a lady in my home ward right now that takes her kids out and home schools them for part of their classes. I also say pray realy hard. I definitely am ready for the day to send my kids to school for me a much needed break.
Best wishes. LEt us know what you decide.

AMBER said...

My thoughts on the matter are though homeschool is a nice thought You know keeping your kids home and safe with in arms reach I believe we need follow the words of our church leaders and "BE IN THE WORLD BUT NOT OF THE WORLD". There is good,bad and ugly out there I learn more and more of this since I got my foster babies. But I Truely believe for myself my kids need to be out there making a difference influencing people for the good. Because the world needs all the good they can have!!! Love ya good luck with your decision making!!

Chow Babe!!

Unknown said...

When you decide to homeschool let me know because I will just send my kids right over...I drive all the way over there every day anyway.

Hmm...while you homeschool, what will I do? Start blogging again.

I think you should homeschool and I should blog about it, what do ya think?

Child Family said...

oh cally. your kids are GOOD and they know right from wrong because of what you teach them every morning when you pray with them, and every night when you read the scriptures with them. I've watched you teach them honesty, and truth, morality and integrity. These values are IN them because you've put them there. You teach them how to be examples, how to shine in the dark. You don't keep other's mistakes a secret from them. They know what's out there, and they already know what their decision will be when they are faced with it because you've TAUGHT them! Maybe they should perfect this knowledge by exercising it. We don't get stronger by standing around watching other people run, eh? STRAP ON YOUR SNEAKERS!!

Yo Mama said...

I thought it only appropriate for me to weigh in on this important issue, being as I am a public school teacher and all. I am pretty sure that Glinda was . . . in public school. The prom dress she is wearing all the time is a dead give away. She had to have been homecoming queen with a crown like that. I think that she successfully agrues the side of public school. Wouldn't you rather your kids be popular than homeschooled? Just some food for thought. Also, i think it's a personal decision, but my own kids are going public. Just like my blog.

cally said...

Thanks guys. Your comments and advice are fantastic.

I want my kids to do hard things, and that means standing up when it gets tough. Public school it is...

But conan and I both agree we will take them out if we ever feel their physical safety is in jeapordy, or other such catastrophes.

Give them instructions, show them how, and then let them build.

But give them a brick house to run to when the wolf blows down their straw.

Gee, analogy city.

Anonymous said...

I found you through my sis, shelane. We homeschool. Not for reasons of evil influences, but for health reasons. In order to homeschool "properly" (as if there is any "proper" in homeschooling anyway) you can't completely shelter the kids. You have to expose them to what is out there so they don't freak out when they're on their own dealing with it. The ONLY advantage to homeschooling, if you are doing it to "shelter" them, is that you can be there to guide them through their early decision-making when they are confronted with the problems. You have to remember that there is a natural "opposition in all things", whether we want it or not. And lets face it, the stronger the opposition, the stronger your kids will stand their position, as long as they have been taught properly in the home. Don't leave it up to others to teach your kids values (as I'm sure you haven't). Do it in your home and the opposition they face at school will make them stronger.