a winner.

We went to Krispy Kreme last night. Their computer was down, hence they couldn't accept our credit card, and so instead of rejecting us they gave us our 2 dozen doughnuts for free.

For this...I am a winner.

And so is...

But maybe not a winner on such a fabulous scale as free doughnuts. All right jamie, you're the honest to goodness real life winner of all things lovely and of good report. And the bags.

Jamie is the college friend of my sister-in-law Katie, and my number 1 supporter. THanks, Jamie. Her blog is private, or I'd link ya.

I love this giveaway stuff. And I'll tell you why...

Because is satisfactory. Maybe someday my words will match my explanations and it won't come out overly-gooey and cheesy.

I am very grateful for all of your nice comments...and I loved this doll so much I had to make another one. A boy doll this time. Because.

and the winner.

Oh, I'm excited about this. Because it's perfect. I do read all your blogs, if you let me. I read the first post of boho girl's blog, Chronicles of Me, and loved it. Not only her photography, and her writing talent, and her designs, but I was touched by her representations of the adoption process. I was subtly reminded of the different faces of parenthood...and the blessings that come. She is graciously sharing her bits of the blessing; it's exciting to read. THanks, boho girl.

AND... the next winner is Hadley. Because.

I'm calling these dolls b.be's.

THanks again everyone.

NOw I'm going to go have some leftover happiness. It's lovely to have some of that just hanging out in your cupboards.


ShEiLa said...

Congrats Jamie (the Big Winner) and Boho giRL and Hadley. I wish I was you... and so does everybody else. Cally I love your creations!

The Coatney's said...

I CAN NOT BELIEVE IT! for the first time ever i won something. something wonderful. i'd like to thank my college roommate and bff katie for introducing me. and my mom for believing in me. and all my staff, uh, i mean kids. and now i accept my trophy, uh, bags and maniac. thank you. thank you. thank you. and thank you for giving hadley one. now i don't have to give her mine. you're the best!

boho girl said...

My eyes just welled up with huge tears that are now spilling over.

I am so honored and grateful to have this gift made by your insanely talented and beautiful hands.

Your words make so much of my long journey to motherhood worth it. Thank you for that gift too.

We will all cherish this boy dollie in our home.

Love to you, Cally.

tammy said...

Yay for them!

Me = :(

Yo Mama said...

Hey yo! I'm so glad to hear that she won. Was that rigged???? Just kidding. If you ever have a drawing for the donuts, please automatically put me in the pool.

Anonymous said...

Congrats winners! So :( for me. Next time!!!

corrie said...

Way cute dolls. The tension is off on my machine so my little run of actually using it for something has ground to a halt because there are two dials and I don't know which one is the tension!!!
It's a mess under there...

corrie said...

did you just say 'underware'?

Tristan said...

Cute dolls :)

Mamarazzi said...

Krispy Creme rocks!! and so do YOU!! oh all the love in those dolls. they make me happy just looking at them. my heart would prolly EXPLODE if i ever won one of them!!

so sweet!

Katy Beth said...

Congratulations everyone! No prize for me, but maybe next time!

Rita said...

Congrats to all of your winners! They are very, very lucky!!! You are quite generous Miss Cally -- thanks for the chance to win! (And it was nice to see you at Alice's the other day!)

Mimi said...

Your Blog is so sweet!! I am so trilled that Jaime won- she totally deserves it. I am one of her friends and click on your blog to see what she won- Cute cute and more cute!!

Your creations are darling!!