grosgrain dreams really do come true.

sarah jane...as in sarah jane studios...of my heart...like somebody i know...of...WON the Marie Therese Grosgrain gown. You know, the famous one that would cost $500. Yup. For real.

So I have renewed hope. I am calling upon the powers of Greyskull to win the 3 ALexander Henry reversible outfits. Doing what I can to preserve the dream. BibbidiBobbidiBoo.

She's opening a shop. And the best part of that...not because I question her skills, I mean duh, did you see the dress? but because I can sigh a huge sigh of envious relief on her behalf...she's hired a clothing company to do the sewing for her, so she just does the designing.

i might live vicariously through her for a minute.


ShEiLa said...

I think what makes dreams coming true so special... it doesn't happen very often... therefore keeping the magic of a dream come true special and unexpected. I so hope one of my dreams come true tomorrow.

wendy said...

Never let go of those dreams-----

Heather said...

My little guy pulled your name for the Pay it forward Halloween treats! Yeah!
Will you send me your address and I will mail it off to you?
My email is hsadleir@hotmail.com

corrie said...

cute. Have you been entering the "sew sweet giveaway" thingy at fabric.com? of course you have...

Renee said...