dear cally,

I don't understand. I thought we had something. I miss your 50 million angles of pudding on the wall. I see Joey's mischief on every street corner. At night I dream of your slightly narcissistic self portraits; they haunt me. We were brilliant together.

I don't get out much. I sit here in my pouch, listening to the crickets chirping. chirpentag. chirpentag.

I'm trying to move on and put your abandonment behind me, but as I'm being pointed at the magnificent European architecture and wondrous rolling hills of these fascinating foreign landscapes, I am only focused on spilled cheerios and crafty bags. My lens was made for only you.

Oh, how I miss crafty bags.

I took this for you. I thought you'd like it.

Okay I didn't. I stole it. I'd do anything for you.

Until we can be together again, I will be strong and take comfort in the service I am rendering. I am not angry with you; just longing to be home.

forever yours,


Wonder Woman said...

What a sweet and tender camera. I can see why you miss him (her?) so much. To have someone who sees things the way I see them and love what I love......it's a beautiful thing. I hope he/she doesn't get too homesick and try to come home all alone. It's a dangerous world out there for a pretty little camera.

ShEiLa said...

I hope that the next post will not be a ransome note for cybershot. I could see some [junge Dame] trying to get her hands on a [Kalikohandtasche].


ps. so you don't have to find the german translation [young lady] & [Calico Handbag]

AndyPandyJackaDandy said...

Hilaire, of course. And so sweet. I'm not sure my camera loves me, because I think he has a sneaking suspicion that I would upgrade him in a heartbeat--is that cruel?

Elizabeth said...

Chirpentag?!?! I love it! I'm feelin' it for ya. I always find the most perfect shots...when I don't have the camera. Hang in there!

Yo Mama said...

I have hardly noticed that your camera was missing. That shameless old man. How dare he!?

Natalie said...

Ha! I love it. Your camera expresses itself well. Much better than my little brain imagined!