spill it about the wolf guy.

Has everyone finished the book yet?

Are we allowed to talk about it?

I have only read the first book, but I catch a bit of the drama from Team Edward, or otherwise. It seems the Moms For VampireLove Club has agreed to stay hush hush till the rest of America has had a chance to borrow the book. Sure, I could google a review, or read the book (duh), but it's easier to ask. If we wait for me to read them, I won't know how her non vampire super powers save the world or not until I'm old enough not to care. That's a bummer.

So does she pick the wolf or the vampire? Do they find a solution to their...um...can I say violent passion problem; kids versus eternal life sorta dilema?

Just a few details to fill my soap opera whodunit crave. That's all I ask. Open forum.

If you haven't finished the books, just don't read the comments and you'll be safe.

Okay, go.


The Coatney's said...

OK, she OF COURSE picks Edward. True Love duh. But it works out because Jacob imprints on her half human/half vampire baby girl who will be an adult in just seven years(she grows really fast because of what she is) Everyone is happy. Also, Bella does (after giving birth) become a vampire and has special powers that could save everyone. Happily, cheesily ever after.

cally said...

Wait a minute...the wolf guy loves her baby?

What are her special powers? Xray vision? Or high pain tolerance?

AMBER said...

You just have to read and find out we can not ruin everything for you is it not enough to know that JAKE imprints on her half human baby and that Bella becomes a vampire. Cally Read it you will find out all the goods!!!

a wynn wynn situation said...

Ooooo- you HAVE to read it! I totally give away too much information when I talk about it- so I should zip it right now_

cally said...

no, no, guys...see this is the point. REading these books is on the list right after Chronicles of Narnia which I started 8 years ago. EIGHT YEARS!

Give it away. Come on...you're ruining nothing. Just because a girl can't read a book without a domestic disaster or a literary induced coma doesn't mean she should suffer!

What's her power? What's the story with the other dark haired vampire girl I liked in the first book?

Look, I know it's annoying. I know the obvious answer is to read the darn book. Give in to my laziness and gimme sumpin'.

Who bites her? Was it romantic or gory?

Natalie said...

ok, your begging has softened my heart. But you must promise to still read all the books because they are all that good. I always wondered why so many people wanted her and Jacob to get together because I knew he couldn't control who he imprinted on and he'd leave her in the dust. So I was very happy to see book 4 start with the wedding. Then they go on their honeymoon where Edward promises to try and BE with her while she's still human so she won't miss out on that experience. It works but then she discovers that she's prego and it is half vampire so it's strong and killing her. But after she delivers a baby girl, Edward is there to turn her vampire before she dies. Her powers include not having the crazy out of control thirst and wild behavior that every other newborn vampire has- which is nice cuz then she can be around her daughter who has human blood coursing through her veins. She also discovers that she has Shield powers and can block all the other powers that anyone can throw at her. Bella is all begging for Jacob when she's prego and Edward will do anything to make up for the fact that he impregnated her with something that is killing her, etc. So he begs Jacob to come around and he does. Then they discover it was the baby that was making Bella need Jacob around so bad. Jacob imprints the baby, (but it's not creepy or anything.) He's just always there and protecting her. She grows very quickly and has a power that she can touch you and you can see her thoughts. The Vampire Cloven in charge decides that the baby is an abomination and must be destroyed so they try to get enough vampires to be witnesses to the fact that she's not dangerous and there's the big battle scene in the end where Bella saves everyone with her newly honed skill of putting an invisible shield around anyone she concentrates on. She saves the day and the bad guys all take off. It is so fabulous. And definitely leaves room for a sequel starring Jacob and a grown up Nessie-baby.
That's just a summary. Of course you know how well she writes and how you can't put her books down so eventually you must read it. My summary is shameful in comparison and even now I'm thinking that I didn't do it justice and I should delete but I've spent too much time to do that! :)
Read it! You won't be sorry.

cally said...

Thanks Nat.

You're good to me.

Katy Beth said...

Ok, I no I'm totally going to get yelled at for this....but are the book really that good? Everyone loves them, but vampires? Really? Should I even tempt fate by reading & possibly getting sucked in?

Lori said...

Cally, YOU are the first one who ever introduced me to this series (when I called you and you were reading instead of napping because the first one was so darn good you couldn't put it down). You've got to pick that torch back up. Don't you wait in a pick-up line at school? Perfect reading time. Get busy!!

cally said...

Yeah, I know Lori. My hopes are to read in the car ride line, but that only gives me a page or two a day. And I have three big books to read until I get the whole imprint soulmate baby thing. I am an impatient soul.

The Coatney's said...

You're funny. just read the last book, then you can have all the answers and a bit of closure. but you will be missing out because yes (katy beth) they are that good. just spend one good day neglecting your children and responsibilities and knock it out. you'll be so happy that you did.