the Great Canadian Barn Dance

Hill Springs, Alberta is in the middle of nowhere. Okay, not nowhere. Hill Springs, Alberta is in the middle of somewhere. And in the middle of that great empty somewhere, is a barn. And inside that Great Canadian Barn is a dance. A wild hoopla of line-dancin' two-steppin' fools, I tell ya!

They feed ya first; stuff ya right full of meat and potatoes, and the yummiest cobbler this side of...somewhere. Then you dance. You dance in the barn. Till your feet fall off; or till your kid falls asleep on the Great Canadian Barn Bench.

And catch this. Outside of the mess hall there was a big bag of water, just hanging on the post. Wierd, I thought. Then I heard a local explaining its purpose to a not-so-local. There's a penny at the bottom of the bag. The sunlight hits the bag, the penny reflects all sorts of light refractions (these are the words the cowboy used) in the water, and them flyin' critters think it's a dagun' spider on its gigantic web. Eh? They stay good and away. Pretty sweet.

Oh, the things you'll learn, and the grooves you'll find...in the middle of nowhere.

Not nowhere. Hill Springs, Alberta.


Mia said...

I love this post! I think "somewhere" sounds like a really nice place to visit. The barn dance seems right up my alley!

ShEiLa said...

you left me feeling all nostalgic... I guess that was the purpose. thank goodness that a few crazy cowboys in Hill Springs Alberta have kept the good ole days alive & kickin.

Katy Beth said...

Soooo jealous

wendy said...

Gotta love the Barn Dance!! I love being in the middle of "nowhere"

Rita said...

Beautiful photos -- great post Cally! Looks like you and the kids had such a wonderful time!

Thanks for visiting my blog today -- always nice to see you stop by! :)

AndyPandyJackaDandy said...

How did I grow up 'round those parts and never hear of the Great Canadian Barn Dance?! I'll have to suggest that for next year's reunion!

The Coatney's said...

great picture! i can't decide which part is better dani/teenager dancing (i remember when she was just that chubby baby too lazy to crawl) or cassie having the time of her life in the background. i love all of your pictures cally. it made me want to go to canada.