quick vacation log

We drove to Gulf Shores, Alabama.

Stopped in Clanton to buy a basket of peaches;
I had visions of the kids sitting on the edge of the ocean eating delicious juicy peaches;
hoping to create a taste of the beach.

We stayed in a cabin at Gulf STate Park.
It was old and smelled like it.
Next time we're going with a new fancy cottage.
The seclusion from high rise Tourist-Land was peace, though.

We were right on the lake, swimming with the alligators;
two minutes from a good day with white sand, waves,
and the Gulf lovin' jellyfish.

We played on the beach for two days.
Peaches and sand don't like eachother.

Drove around and looked at fancy pants beach houses
& picked the ones we wouldn't stay in.

And taught the kids to play Settler's of Catan. Dani won.

Friday night we spent the evening on the shore and watched the sun go down.
Then when it was black, we watched fireworks off the coast.

Andy, Joey, and Kacie slept through it.

Then we drove home.

Memories, made.


Unknown said...

Oh, it looks sooooo relaxing.

Natalie said...

That looks so great...I wonder how far that is from me...

Becky said...

That looks like so much fun.

wendy said...

Hey I'd say you take pretty dang good pictures yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ShEiLa said...

What a fuN triP.
I love the white sand.
Sorry the cabin didn't smell too good. I don't think that I would have wanted to swim with alligators though.

Mia said...

Looks like a beautiful and relaxing vacation.