can i please be a photgrapher in my next life? please?

No joke. I love photography. I go goo-goo when I find awesome pics.

Like these. LindsayJane Photography.

I knew Lindsay before she moved out to Utah forever ago. She is now a super-duper successful real life photographer. And a darn good one. I haven't seen her forever, and just found her blog after a good linkin' session. I linked right to her. Surprise.

Her photos make me want to do two things. Okay three things. Buy an expensive camera and pretend I can do that. Get married again so I can have pictures like that. And spend lots of money for pictures of my family, like that.

And then there are these by my cousin's wife, Becky.

I'd like to have the sunset photo blown up in my bedroom. Of me and Conan, of course. Romantic, eh?

Gee whiz. Photo Envy.


Becky said...

You seriously give me WAY too much credit and not enough to yourself. I loved the pictures at the beach. They are as good if not better than mine. I'm totally in agreement with you about wanting to be a photographer in the next life. We can dream though, right?

Cherstin said...

I'm amazed that we seem to have all the same interest. I don't know why that suprises me, we became friends for a reason even all those years ago. Photography has become my new favorite LOVE. I am in love with it and can't seem to get enough. I dream about it even and always want to improve. I love the pictures that you take and blog about. The pictures that you take for your Calico Stuff is amazing. You have a true eye for this. I checked out Becky and Lindsey Jane and spent more then an hour studying every picture. I LOVED them. I want to do that someday. Thanks for sharing.

wendy said...

Yes my Becky Boo is becoming a great photographer and Caryn is toying with it a bit too. Great pictures tell sooooooo much. I was thinking of one of me and Eric naked with a bowl of popcorn (KIDDING!!!!) (ps I am glad your separation from your Blog was short lived)

ShEiLa said...

I love photos too. I love it when photographers capture just the right light & angle... and when they keep them as candid as possible. ToOdLeS,ShEiLA

Mama Cher, Ok, fine, it's Sharon said...

Cally, I am pretty sure you can be a photographer in this life too! You are super talented, and manage to do all kinds of cool stuff, the rest of US want to be like YOU!