watcha' got

This is a tag from Andrea (sorry it took so long). I'm normally too lazy to answer a tag, but I posted this on my old vox blog to answer a bag challenge from Merillee, so I just copied. Funny thing is, this was done back in September, and I still have the exact same contents in my purse. Minus the formula. And I ate the snacks. And my yellow wallet broke. And I got a real phone.

1. The bag itself. Target special.
2. Pretzel sticks, nilla wafers, goldfish, graham bees. Variety is a crucial survival technique.
3. Xango check stub. I get $13 a month, not to mention I'm gonna live forever. If you have any questions about Xango, my mom would be glad to answer ALL of them.
4. Taggie.
5. My cell phone.
6. Ultrasound pictures of i'm not sure which kid.
7. Tylenol stash.
8. Hello yellow.
9. My favorite thing in there...a rattle Mandy gave Kacie. Love it.
10. Two toothbrushes, sealed.
11. Duh.
12. I'd like to pretend I keep track of my grocery totals at Kroger, but really, Joey eats it when I'm out of nilla wafers.
13. 8 oz. supply of Walmart brand baby formula. I know nothing of breast milk.
14. This is special. This is the pencil I used on my IKEA maiden voyage. I keep it close.
15. To name a few friends...Sting, Feist, Diamond Rio, The Weepies, Veggie Tales, Nickel Creek, Bon Jovi, The Fray, Hem, Wicked, Phish, Wilco; and my adapter.
16. STicky notes. To leave on peoples windsheilds.
17. Clorox wipes. Neccesary. Kids come with bacteria.
18. My sister Cassy bought me this lipgloss for Christmas. It's Prada. The tin says so.
19. It's a waffle. So what.
20. A picture of me and Jake (5 years ago) with my Grandpa in Canada.
21. Hottie mints. Because I'd like to be.
22. Dramamine. It causes marked drowsiness. Good times.
23. My shuttle. To take me far away.
24. Um, yeah.


Travis & Leslie Doman said...

Holy cow enough stuff! thats great you are always going to be prepared for anything. luv ya Les

AndyPandyJackaDandy said...

Hey! I just saw that you did this--yay! I usually don't do tags either, because I am really very VERY lucky to just get on the computer at ALL. Reading posts is the next bonus. Posting for myself the next. And actually being organized enough to have a pre-planned entry...? Well, you get the picture. So thanks.

I wanted to say that I didn't know your mom was a Xango nut (I love nuts, especially pistachios). We are surrounded here of course, and Chris applied there during our job search. Anyway, I have 3 friends who work there and am always getting hooked up with stuff--so we can be raging superhero mamas together!

And also, I am in love with Sting. Don't tell Chris.

And in other news, half my furniture/decor comes from Ikea.

And while we're on the subject, did you breastfeed any of your kids, or are you going to have perky boobs forever? :)

And in closing, I am a complete germaphobe. Let's sanitize together someday.